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Full Version: Looking to form a Competion Team for 2010+
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Hey everyone I'm looking to form or join a Competition team for this year and consecutive years to come. I have a UDS and a WSM 18" Smokers. A good friend and future competitor of mine suggested it was time to leave the nest and broaden my horizons by forming a team of my own. PM me.

Also, I'm looking for someone, hopefully a new team mate or two, to go to the QN4U Cooking Class.
I am looking to join a team. I am a rookie looking to get into the big game. I live in American Fork, UT. Willing to learn
Hello, Welcome to the site. It is great that you wish form a team. Just keep checking back here and see if someone in your area would like to hook up with you.
Another good way is to get involved with our events. We are always looking for volunteers to help with competitions and activities. Just start posting and get involved. You will start to meet new friends and maybe someone in your area would like to hook up and form a team. We have a meet and greet (sort of) coming up on July 10 in the Murry. Check out the post and come on down so we can meet you.
Here is a link. Welcome aboard!
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What time is the meet & greet on July 10th. What's the location?


9:00 AM to ??????!

At they last event that I went to with Dutchovendude, they packed up and had a meeting at about 3:00, so the ?????? may be around then?
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