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Full Version: Jalapeno Poppers of a Different Kind
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I got bored the other day watched the Cooking Channel. It gave me the idea to try these.
I had everything in the refrigerator, so here goes;
I chopped up some jalapeno pepers and added them to some doctored up creamed cheese.
I put the mix into some wonton wrapers, sealed the edges with water and smoked at a higher temp.
The family loved them and asked when I was going to make them again.

[Image: IMG_2906web.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2904web.jpg]
They look good... I wonder if an hour in the smoke and then perhaps deep fried or did they come out crispy anyway?
I did 2 different experiments. The darker colored ones were brushed with melted butter and came out fairly crispy. These were the favorites.
The lighter colored ones were sprayed with a non-stick vegetable spray. They turned out rubbery and hard to chew. I would not recommend using the spray unless you like chewing on shoe leather.
I do think they would be much better deep fried, but hey, this is BBQ, right?
I guess you could break out the Dutch Oven, fill with oil and place it on the fire box to deep fry.
Way to go Mike!
Now I know enough about these poppers to avoid the veg spray!

Yah for good old butter! :wink:
Nice job Mike. Would never have thought of trying them that way.

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