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Full Version: Vending offer
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Got a call from Red Onion Catering who used to be Western Foods. This company runs concessions at events. They will be in charge at South Town Expo Center for the Outdoor show March 18th-21st. It will be a four day event. After talking with them about the percentage and the high cost of BBQ food, the following was arrived at, 30% off the take and after $2,500 25%. Now having vending experience, there are a few factors here. Why aren't the vendors that were there last year back, where will you be placed, and if so is it a high traffic area or are you going to be just a fill in meaning the concessions run by the catering people
get the best choices which is the case most of the time. With the economy like it is who knows if they will have 30 thousand go threw? The boat show which was held a few weeks ago had a poor showing, don't know about the R.V. L.J. could tell ya. If interested contact Todd, Tracy or Jim at 801-521-7585. We are in it to make money, and I want it to be a good experience for whom ever. Just trying to share. Live and Learn!!
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