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Full Version: Woo hoo! Rule 16 has been changed!
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The idiotic "identifiable" language was removed from rule 16.

From the KCBS BOD "Quick Notes"...

Linda Mullane made a motion to renumber Rule 15 to Rule 16 and to modify the rule as follows:

Rule 16
Each contestant must submit at least six (6) portions of meat in an approved container. Chicken, pork and brisket may be submitted chopped, pulled, sliced, or diced as the cook sees fit, as long as there is enough for six (6) judges. Ribs shall be turned in bone-in. Judges may not cut, slice, or shake apart to separate pieces. If there is not enough meat for each judge to sample, the shorted judge(s) will score a one (1) on all criteria, and the judges having samples will change the Appearance score to one (1).

The motion was seconded by Candy Weaver.

11 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions
The motion to renumber and modify passes.




Another change...

Linda Mullane made a motion to modify Rule 10

The Four KCBS Meat Categories:
CHICKEN: Chicken includes Cornish Game Hen and Kosher Chicken.
PORK RIBS: Ribs shall include the bone. Country style ribs are prohibited.
PORK: Pork is defined as Boston Butt, Picnic and/or Whole Shoulder, weighing a minimum of five (5) pounds. Pork shall be cooked whole (bone in or bone out) and not separated prior to preparing the meat for turn-in. At no time shall the meat once separated be returned to a cooker.
BEEF BRISKET: May be whole brisket, flat, or point. Corned beef is not allowed.

The motion was seconded by Carol Whitebook

11 yes, 0 no, 0 abstention
The motion to modify Rule 10 passes.


Oh well! Now they've cleaned that up I wonder if the propane rule will come back in to question next year? :wink:


I say let them bring an oven from home if they want. As I see it, there is just no logical reason to exclude them.

Counting down the days until I can bring the microwave now.

The pork rule is still not capable of being enforced unless the offending team is reported to the reps. At the time of possible infraction, the reps are in the middle of turn-ins and no where near the cooking pits. I have long wondered why a cook who wanted the "Money" to slice wouldn't just cook two shoulders. Time them to come off the cooker at the same time. Part one, and slice the other. Have I missed something here?
I guess I'm just dump on the reasoning but why do they care how big a butt you have and if you take it out every hour, slice it and shake little voodoo dolls over it.
Seems to me it should be:
1) Got cold, raw meat?
2) Good, see you at turn in.
Larry, I couldn't agree more. I share a Machiavellian view of BBQ. It don't matter how you get there as long as it turns out well!
I guess the red is new verbage? I guess some folks were slicing and adding smoke flavor to the pork midstream? Sounds good to me.. I cant get enough smoke.
Seems funny to specify how it can be cooked??
Am I missing something?
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