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Full Version: Tong space Saver
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Yo, if most are like myself space when packing for a comps or not is essential. I'm sure most or all have run into this problem with tongs. The pictures below will explain where I'm coming from. Enjoy, and no Sampson no tips on seasonings!

Just the plain old water,or beverage bottle.
[Image: P1050164640x480.jpg]

Remove the ring
[Image: P1050167640x480.jpg]

[Image: P1050166640x480.jpg]

If you can use this tip great, and I'm sure there are plenty of other uses for the ring.
Thanks T! That's a great tip. There is always a bottle of something kicking around.
You are a book of information! Keep up the good work man!
Is that a bottle of this year's comp sauce? A bit "thin" don't ya think? Try adding a little more celery salt and lots of soy sauce, that should do it up for ya' :mrgreen:
That's just the first ingredient, he still had time to add herbs, spices and other ingredients! :wink:


Yo de do! You have way too much time on your hands.
And if ya need some good tips on sauce call Nick over at Big Hole BBQ, he has a killer sauce Tongue


But I will use it!
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