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Full Version: Super Bowl Tri-Tip (lots of pics)
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Here's what I cooked up for our church Super Bowl party -- tri-tip!

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_1.jpg]

First, I mixed the schmear.

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_2.jpg]

1/2 c Worcestershire sauce
1/4 c Plain yellow mustard
3 Tbsp Gebhardt's chili powder
2 Tbsp Beef base
1 Tbsp Garlic salt

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_3.jpg]

Next, I peeled and trimmed the roasts. I say "peeled" because when you buy
them in a cryo (much cheaper), they usually have a layer of loose fat on them.
So, you peel that away then trim off any large chunks of fat. It's really like
trimming a mini-brisket.

The bag was right at 18 3/4 pounds, and I trimmed roughly three pounds, so
I that left me with somewhere around 15 pounds for the five roasts. There was
one small one, but the rest are pretty evenly sized.

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_4.jpg]

The next step is to give the roasts their mud bath with the schmear. There
ain't no pretty way to do this. You've just gotta dive in and get your hands
very dirty.

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_5.jpg]

I bagged them up in 2 1/2 gallon zip bags and put them in the fridge to get
happy overnight.

Take them out of the bags and let them set out for about an hour before you
are ready to cook.

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_6.jpg]

Start a good sized fire with a 50/50 mix of mesquite lump and whatever
briquets you use. You are shooting for a cooking temp of 350*.

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_7.jpg]

Just before they are about to go on, hit both sides of each roast with a decent
coating of Montreal Steak seasoning.

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_8.jpg]

Commence cookage! My UDS was right at 350*. I was shooting to serve right
at halftime.

At 45 minutes in the UDS had crept up to 375*. The internal temps ranged
between 104* and 107*.

I was right on schedule.

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_9.jpg]

At 125* (one hour in) I flipped them over to finish.

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_10.jpg]

Thirty minutes later, they're done!

[Image: SuperBowlTriTip_1_11.jpg]

I double-wrapped them in foil and held them for about 30 minutes.

Slice, serve with some nice salsa and some flour tortillas, and you've got
yourself a crowd-pleasin' spread o' cow.

Now that Tri-Tip looks great..
Its 7:48am, and I'm sitting here with a bowl of fricken Wheaties, and my mouth is watering!? :x Something just isn't right....... :wink:

Take a tortilla. Scramble some eggs and place in torilla. Add some tri-tip, brisket, rib meat or whatever you have left over. add some cheese and bam.......breakfast. No Wheaties. add some diced potatos and smoke salsa and now THT is a breakfast....Breakfast Burritos that is.


Thanks, guys!

Yo John, You make me miss California. Alot of people think that they can do Tri Tip right, not! Looking at yours, you nailed it man. Like the fact that you also had some mesquite in there, nice balance of seasonings, pink like it should be, moist. Damn I can taste it now. Good job man.


Thanks, T.



John thanks for sharing another great method of yours. I get Tri-tips in Cardiff beach California where they do some kind of vacuum marinade. For short they call it Cardiff Crack because once you get you are addicted.

Anyhow, they way they cook it is to char the outside real good and then cut it in stakes and finish it off like any other stake on the grill. Man I tell you it is like having a filet mignon.

Anyhow thanks again,
looks good John. I still need to find some tri-tip and give a shot...

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