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Full Version: Babyback Sammies
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Cooked up 3 racks to bone out and make sandwiches out of. Really enjoyed them. I will definately have to try them again.

[Image: bacon006.jpg]

[Image: bacon007.jpg]

[Image: bacon015.jpg]

[Image: bacon016.jpg]

[Image: bacon017.jpg]

They look perty dang good ifen you ax me!

WTG, I sure would think that mcribs are nothing on that monster, for flavor or texture or anything else you could name!
Yo Doug, good lookin chow bro. I can see from the picture clearly what we spoke about on the phone. I was under the impression that you had sliced each rib separately. I like the idea man.
Looks good Doug, I'll take two to go please. Knowing you, you didn't overcook them. But then how did you slip the bones out? Or did you leave 'em in for those that like theirs extra-crunchy?
I just couldn't bring myself to overcook them. So I just cut down each side of the bone and it pulled out pretty easy.

Doug, I, well, I love you :shock:
why does no one sell stuff like this? I am now officially starving!
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