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Full Version: Late night brisket in the UDS
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Getting ready for Havasu so I put this brisket in tonight.....best tasting brisket I have had this year!
oh, what i would do for smell-a-vision right about now! looks good...
Great looking brisket there!
Looks great! Just curious, what software are you using to get that beautiful smoke ring :wink:
Now that's funny my brotha coming from you. I am still trying to get mine to look like yours LOL! miss ya bro! Gonna be tough this year, that's the third person this week that's stated that they have done the best tasting brisket that they had ever done. Don't want to say it, but you know what that means, good luck in Havasu R&R BBQ.


Thanks T! And Sampson give me a call and I will work with ya on that!

Havasu is just around the corner and it looks like I will be doing it solo.

Thanks to all ,

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