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Full Version: Going Whole hog... Or is it to be suckling?
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Hello all, It’s been a while and I am craving me some pig! Smile I am wanting to get into whole hogs but was wondering what your thoughts were on starting with suckling pigs and working up. Is the end result at all comparable? Is the technique similar? or is it two completely different approaches? :?: :?: :?:
If it were me I would go a little larger that the suckling pig. There isn't much meat on the little ones. But I am by no means the expert. I have only cooked 2. T is the one to talk to. He has many a pig under his belt.

Weeners or even sucklings are to small. I did one 4-5 years ago, bad experience. No meat or flavor to them.
Get something in the 70-80# dressed weight class. More fat = more flavor. That article about the Berkshire hogs from the Trib had me interested.
Here is a source for all things hog. Utah Pork Producers. I don't have the web address handy, but those folks can help you out I'm sure.
The one Brenda and I did the day of R&R last August was a smashing hit. It weighed 150# dressed. I like T's method of cooking them too.
They just look better than a splayed out one. Like T says...."a sky diving event gone bad" That's the way they did it on the Pit Master show last time, layed out flat.
Good luck, take pics or it didn't happen.
Here's Gene's on the SMK200
Try again
That was #2 at the Franklin Co. Idaho,(home of the Utah lottery) Fair in '07.
Thanks Larry. It was well enjoyed by many. About 130# as I recall.
Theurer's meats in Lewiston supplied the hog. 435-258-0100
hears the one we did last August (70 lb)

[Image: DSC05660.jpg]

[Image: DSC04814-1.jpg]

[Image: DSC05661.jpg]
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