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Full Version: Hammin it up
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Hey everyone ..

I did a site search and even googled. Can anyone suggest a good Christmas ham portion for smoking? Its one of the few meats i have not smoked. Do i go with a precooked spiral cut, is there a better cut? Thanks to anyone who can help me make this Christmas "Smokin"

If you're not doing a whole ham, then the real pick is shank end or not.

I like to use the shank end instead of the butt end, as I prefer the shape and that I'll end up with a couple of odd shaped muscles that I get to have in my own sammies. If however you are doing it partially or mostly for "show" then do a butt end as it cuts better overall!

Brine, season, and smoke? is brining required or prefferd?
Don't brine it if it says Ham, if it doesn't say Ham then it's a leg of Pork and will need 10 days in the cure... we're running out of days before Xmas.

Slather and rub, then smoke.

If you bought a smoked Ham, then you only need to slather, rub and smoke! :wink:

If it's a fresh Ham that hasn't been smoked take it to 165 if it has been smoked already take it to 135 - 140 and serve.
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