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Full Version: Wireless Remote Thermometer (which one to buy)
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I need recommendations for a wireless remote thermometer, I would like to get one for my son-in-law for Christmas. Smile Those that have one, please help. I had one a while ago but failed after only about a month. I looked on Amazon and there are so many I thought I'd check with y'all first!!

Thanks a ton!!!!
I love my Maverick ET-73 with the dual probes. I have 4 or 5 of them and they are my go-to thermometers always. I have several other single probe models, but dont use them nearly as often.
I have a Oregon Scientific talker one. AW131 model. Several meat settings for well, med, & rare as well as the ability to set manual temp also. Draw back, only one can be used at a time as they operate on the same frequency. 100 ft range. Got it at Cabelas. This is a single probe. The dual probe one Carla mentions would be a great feature. Two meats or one and the grill temp. Good idea.
I also use the Maverick dual probe. They are great.
Where would I be able to find a Maverick one?
Yo Doug, I know they sell them at Bed Bath and Beyond.


Spoon and Spice has them. They are on Vanwinckle and 7th east or somewhere like that.
Stoneman Wrote:Spoon and Spice has them. They are on Vanwinckle and 7th east or somewhere like that.


4700so. 900e. Suite #45
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

Phone: 801.263.1898
Toll Free: 1.888.558.2436
Got mine on eBay
For those that have the ET-73, what is the range on them?? I know the box might say 100 ft. but never had one work at that distance, or send signal through a wall.

Dave, If you are outside with your cooker, you might get 100 ft with new batteries. When I come inside with the receiver, it goes down to 50 ft or less.
These are good for cooking at home mostly. When you take them to a competition, they are not much good as far as the wireless part goes.
It seems everyone has a wireless remote and they interfere with each other. At one event, I wanted my temps up a little more so I kept turning up the heat while I monitored the wireless. It was only after I almost ruined the meat by burning it, that I realized that my wireless receiver was monitoring the smoker of another guy next to me! I still use the thing at comps, but I just monitor the base unit and leave the receiver in trailer.
Definitely get a model that monitors both smoker temp and meat temp.
I hope this info will help someone and save their bacon at a comp. No need to learn the hard way.
About a year ago on one of the forums I saw a Mod. that basically made a 10-12 inch exterior antenna out of a piece of wire?? Anyone seen it or done it? If i remember, it extended the distance to around 200' or more

Here is a link to what you are looking for.

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Sppon and Spice is just around the corner from me. Is there another kind, besides the Maverick ET-73 that you guys and gals, Carla, would recommend? Just in case.
If you just want a cheap wireless to do meat only, we use a lot of the Wal-mart purchased thermometers.
They cost $17 and work great, but they only have a single probe to check the meat temperatures.
They are the ones in the bbq grill section of the store.
I've had a whole mess of wired and wirelss thermometers, the problem I would run into is it was hard for me to just buy replacement probes and would have to buy the whole kit. So I changed all that and went with a Thermapen and how much better that was.
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