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I haven't been cooking much BBQ lately, but I have been doing a lot of Italian cooking. Just thought I would share a few pics just for the heck of it. I did some homemade ravioli the other night and some Ministrone tonight...

[Image: Ravioli5.jpg]

[Image: ravioli3.jpg]

[Image: ravioli2.jpg]

[Image: Soup2.jpg]

alimentare bella l'immagine che potrebbe colpire che...

beautiful food in the picture I could hit that
Dang it Doug... that looks sooo good!
Thanks for the comments, but it looks like I will have something to smoke soon. This will be going on the smoker in the next few days...

[Image: DSCF0017.jpg]

A fine catch there Doug, looks cold though, is that an icicle hanging from our nose or your mustache? :lol:
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