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Full Version: Turkey Question
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I have a question about cooking a turkey. I've read that the internal temperature of the breast meat should be brought up 165 degrees while the the temperature inside the thigh should be 180 degrees or so. How do you get the the dark meat up to 180 without totally drying out the breast meat?


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The two cook at different rates, if you choose to only take the temperature of your bird once, there is most often a 10 - 15 F difference between the thigh and the breast with the breast taking longer to get up to temperature due to the mass of the muscle.

If you take the temperature in the thigh and its at 145, the temperature in the breast will only be 130 - 135, so when the breast is cooked at 160 +, the thigh will already be at 170 +.

I give the 160 + as at that temperature it will cook on as the bird rests, and hit the perfect FDA 165 +.
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