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Full Version: Incredible Steak
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If you want to try something new with your next steak, check this out. It's simple, and the results are spectacular.

[Image: IncredibleSteak_1_1.jpg]

John.....I showed the post you had for the "Incredible Steak" to my wife yesterday......and when she came home she had the kosher salt....we had already had steaks out for dinner tonight......so....I knew what I had to do......So....as the rule goes....Pics are below:

First step...added garlic on the meat....salt already on bottom
[Image: DSCN0260.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0261.jpg]
After 10 minutes
[Image: DSCN0262.jpg]
Vanessa likes her steak medium rare
[Image: DSCN0263.jpg]
Too pink for me
[Image: DSCN0264.jpg]
Just right
[Image: DSCN0265.jpg]

We could not believe how unsalty this was....and I for one love hot sauce on most of my food.....but I didn't need it on this steak......My hats' off to you for this one John!!!! Big Grin


From one (former) Sarge to another, I am very happy that it worked well for you.

All the best,
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