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Full Version: Recognize any faces or banners?
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Yo, pretty exciting to see people you know being a part of a lifetime experience. Good luck guys and girls. Coffee break is over gotta get back at it!

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yep, saw Dr. Mike but not our brothers from Az or Id. Good Luck all you guys!!!
Allrighty then, Dr. Mike and family good show there. It looked like the weather was good for the "Pass In Review" anyway. As I sit here at the keyboard the judging should be close to finished. Good luck Hoochie Q BBQ team.
Yo, I think that you two know what the Otis and The Bird banner looks like? Jay and Dave passed a little in front of Mike. I know being in Japan Gene is a little too far to see, but come on Doug LOL! Gotta get back to work, my water break is over.
I seen 'em, I seen 'em, Dave & Jay both holding the banner just in front of a California flag. Movie stars they are.
I talked to Venessa a couple hours ago. Dr. Mike was choked up that I called, :roll: so I just chatted with her a bit. She said they are having a great time and had just turned in the last entry. She thought they'd done well. They should be done with the results by now I'd think.
Doh!!!!! Yeah, I need to get my eyes checked! I was expecting to see either an Arizona flag or at least a Packers flag!!! Good to see the weather was nice enough for Jay to be wearing shorts. Congrats to Jay, Dave, Hoochie and Rhtym & Que!
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