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Posting pictures using the attachment function. - SoEzzy - 12-21-2010 03:28 PM

First try and make your images small enough, 650 is the largest you can easily display without breaking the forum, but sizing pictures to 450 is much better for the most part.

Save them onto your hard drive in a folder.

When you start your post you can use text first or load the images first, that's your choice!

Type in your title for the thread.

Add the first line of text, (if you want to)!

Below the text box that you enter the post, there are 3 tabs:

Options, Upload attachment, Poll creation!

Click on Upload attachment.

Click on Choose File, search for the image in the folder on your hard drive, when you select the file click Add the file.

You can add a file comment on the same page by typing it into the File Comment box, (do that before you click the 'Add the file' button).

If you didn't add a File comment before you clicked 'Add the file', you now have another opportunity on the next page.

Select where you want to place it on the page then click 'Place inline'.


That puts the image on the page, and puts it into the database for the site.

If you want to add more pictures go back to the Upload attachment tab, and go through the same process again.

I'm also looking for there to be an easier method soon, I just haven't found it yet!

Re: Posting pictures using the attachment function. - Phred - 12-21-2010 05:26 PM

Thanks Chris, appreciate you taking the time to list the instructions.


RE: Posting pictures using the attachment function. - sampson - 03-13-2011 11:29 PM

Hey Chris, thanks for this post. Tell me tho... is this the way we should be doing it? I've been using Photobucket and copying and pasting the link from there into my post. Is one way better or are they both just different paths to the same destination? I'd be happy to do it either way you would like.Shy

RE: Posting pictures using the attachment function. - SoEzzy - 03-14-2011 09:58 AM

Different routes to the same destination, that said if folks start using external links with mega big pictures the links will end up as links only, so that the rest of the world doesn't need to scroll sideways!

Try keeping them under 650 px on the longest side please!