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pork butts at smiths 1.39 lb about 8#'s look ok. - elkski - 07-01-2009 05:45 PM

well I stopped at Harmons at bangerter I-15 today after hitting the houch stockup store and the manager wasn't there so the guy wanted to charge me the full 1.99 for the small 5 # butts.. I told him to hold the 2 in the cryo pac for me but went to smiths and they had picnics and bostons.. took 2bostons near or over 8#'s home.

Yes the elkster is still out here in lala land... I know I have missed two nice smokes but I have been busy.. Darn I missed going up to the bird but just couldn't swing it.. these darn archery competitions.. I dont even have time to look and see who won the wild west and bird?

I will be smoking a butt or 2 this weekend on the WSM's.. whats you cooking?

Enjoy the 4th folks.

As far as butts go in a WSM I usually get them on by 11 pm to serve the next day at 6pm.. is tat ridiculous or not?
I am afraid to wait to start at 4 am as I hate to sweat the 165 degree lag time and rather put the 205 butts in foil in a cooler and take a shower at 4pm and sit with a cold one and relax for awhile..

by the way T your pig last friday looks to die for.. that would be my last meal request if I was in charge of the justice system and was madoff with the death sentence that him and his kind should be getting!!.

- Jeff - 07-01-2009 07:02 PM

That's in the ballpark of how long it takes me to cook 2 butts in my WSM.

I plan on about 16 hours at 225*, and then do the same as you & wrap in foil and put in a cooler for a few hours before dinner.

I got a 14 lb two pack of bone-in butts at Sam's Club today for $1.28/lb that I will be putting on Friday night for a 4th of July dinner.