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Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Pegleg - 06-06-2009 11:18 PM

I personally want to thank Brian and Becky Brinkerhoff of Back Country Radion Network for providing a GREAT venue for the Wild West BBQ Showdown. Thanks to T for working countless hours in his efforts to organize this event. Also to Brian Baty, Norm and Linda, members of the Board of a Directors, we met often to ensure the success of this competiton. Also to Chris Edmunds (SoEzzy) for his donation of the UDS to help raise funds for the UBBQA. There are many others as well as all the CBJ's (we had 100%) who contributed greatly to this event.


Lyle Earl, Chairman
Utah Barbecue Association

Winner of the UDS raffle (Donated by Chris Edmunds (SoEzzy)

Marie Waldvogel one of the Certified BBQ Judges at this event CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


Grand Champion - Hoochie-Que

Reserve Grand - Dragon Smoke

3- FrankenSwine & EzzyGore
4- Big Pig Parade
5- Smokin’ Hot Sistahs
6- Utah Smoke
7- Hi-I-Que
8- BBQ Haven
9- Tumbleweed BBQ
10- Team M.O.A.B
11- HQ 0
12- Casual Smokers
13- Tubby’s Smokin’ Q
14- Miss Kitty’s Outlaw BBQ
15- This Little Piggy
16- Pit Master Bar B Que
17- Richard’s Roundup
18- Guppa-D’s BBQ
19- Lone Star BBQ


1- FrankenSwine & EzzyGore
2- Hi-I-Que
3- Hoochie-Que
4- Team M.O.A.B
5- 5-Dragon Smoke
6- Utah Smoke
7- Miss Kitty’s Outlaw BBQ
8- Smokin’ Hot Sistahs
9- Big Pig Parade
10- BBQ Haven
11- Tumbleweed BBQ
12- Tubby’s Smokin’ Q
13- HQ 0
14- Richards Roundup BBQ
15- Casual Smokers
16- Lone Star BBQ
17- This Little Piggy
18- Guppa-D’s BBQ
19- Pit Master Bar B Que


1- Utah Smoke
2- Smokin’ Hot Sistahs
3- Hoochie-Que
4- Big Pig Parade
5- FrankenSwine and EzzyGore
6- Dragon Smoke
7- Miss Kitty’s Outlaw BBQ
8- Richard’s Roundup BBQ
9- Team M.O.A.B
10- Casual Smokers
11- BBQ Haven
12- Hi-I-Que
13- This Little Piggy
14- HQ 0
15- Tumbleweed BBQ
16- Guppa-D’s BBQ
17- Tubby’s Smokin Q
18- Pit Master Bar B Que
19- Lone Star BBQ


1- Hoochie-Que
2- Big Pig Parade
3- Dragon Smoke
4- Casual Smokers
5- Smokin’ Hot Sistahs
6- HQ 0
7- FankenSwine & EzzyGore
8- Utah Smoke
9- Pit Master Bar B Que
10- BBQ Haven
11- Hi-I-Que
12- This Little Piggy
13- Tumbleweed BBQ
14- Tubby’s Smokin’ Q
15- Richard’s Roundup BBQ
16- Guppa-D’s BBQ
17- Team M.O.A.B
18- Miss Kitty’s Outlaw BBQ
19- Lone Star BBQ


1- Hoochie-Que
2- Dragon Smoke
3- Hi-I-Que
4- Tumbleweed BBQ
5- BBQ Haven
6- Team M.O.A.B
7- HQ 0
8- Pit Master Bar B Que
9- Smokin’ Hot Sistahs
10- Big Pig Parade
11- Tubby’s Smokin’ Q
12- This Little Piggy
13- Casual Smokers
14- Utah Smoke
15- FrankenSwine & Ezzygore
16- Guppa-D’s BBQ
17- Miss Kitty’s Outlaw BBQ
18- Lone Star BBQ
19- Richard’s Roundup BBQ

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Guest - 06-06-2009 11:26 PM

Huge congrats to Hoochie for his GC, and Brian for reserve! Congratulations also everyone else who walked today. It sounds like it was a successful first year contest.

Y'all done good!


- Dutchovendude - 06-07-2009 10:48 AM

Congrats to all!
Man, there was some good food cooked yesterday.
Thanks to all of you that made this happen.
You guys never get enough thanks for all the hard work you put in.
Awesome job guys!

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - sampson - 06-07-2009 12:15 PM

I second everything Mike just said, great job to those who worked so hard... Congrats to everyone that showed up and got 'er done!!! Now let me go back to my cryin' pillow, not such a great result for the "little piggies" :cry:

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - tex-mex / Idaho - 06-07-2009 12:39 PM

Well after my First comp,I am exausted,but glad I finally took that step forward.
I enjoyed the comp, met some new friends, and definetly know I have a ways to go to get up to the level of cooks that competed yesterday at the Wild West, as they say "wait till next year" I will be there and there is only one way I can go and that is UP !!
Thanks for all the help T,Cajun, and of course Packer

tex-mex / omar

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - norm - 06-07-2009 02:31 PM

Congrats to all who competed this weekend. Congrats to HoochieQ and Dragonsmoke on the GC and RGC.
We are exhausted once again slept like babies last night. Thanks everyone who helped us get to and through this thing. I'm going into therapy until my pork scores improve. :lol: .
Lyle, thanks for everything you and your family put into help making this happen.
Thanks to all the CBJ's that made it 100% this year. Go Utah BBQ Big Grin
Norm and Linda- Two of the most confused people in competition BBQ.

- Lion of the Sun - 06-07-2009 02:48 PM

I think scrap steel is going for about $40 a ton. So, we'll start the bidding on my pit at about $30. Smile I'd like to give a special thanks to the young man at Lowes for turning a blind eye to the assembly fee on my brand new char-broiler! I think I can get one more competition out of it before it is so warped it can't hold temp. Now, seriously, thanks to all the cooks out there that gave me advice. No other sport that I know of has such a great group of people competing against each other all on the same team, "The Utah BBQ Association."

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Three4Que - 06-07-2009 03:07 PM

Jamie, you did awesome yesterday man. If there was ever someone who had a run of bad luck turn around so quickly it would be you and your team, Congrats on your calls!!!


Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Three4Que - 06-07-2009 03:22 PM

Thanks Lyle, T, Brian, Brian (Dragonsmoke) and everyone else who put this competition together. Thanks also to all those who got a call, or multiple calls.

I only wish that Sampson and I would have gotten at least 5th or higher in one of the categories. This was my first ever competition and it was a blast, also I can see where I need to improve. It was great cooking next to Hi-IQ, and Tumbleweed plus getting to talk with them both as well as Omar, T, Becci, Ted (Casual BBQ), Guppa-D, Brian(Dragonsmoke), Chris(SoEzzy), Doug(Frankenswine), Jamie, and Tubby's.

I'm already loking forward to Snowbird. But then we have to compete against Vince and Jay too. Tough road ahead, but fun.

-the other Doug

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Guest - 06-07-2009 11:29 PM

My many thanks to:

1) UBBQA - T, Brian, Lyle, and others for helping put on a great comp!!

2) Our judges - Your checks are in the mail!! :lol: Just kidding... But seriously, it was WONDERFUL to have 100% CBJ's at this event!!! We cooks never do tell you CBJ's THANKS often enough... I and so many others truly do appreciate your time/efforts to make our comps the best... Thanks so much for making/taking the time to be a part of this comp... It truly makes a "walk" just that more special to me knowing it comes from a 100% CBJ judging team...

3) The KCBS reps - Ed Roith & Larry King - for coming out and supporting Utah BBQ!!! These guys rock!! If you are "new" to UBBQA, make certain to take the time to go meet these guys when they come out for RNR in August... They have been very helpful and supportive over the past 4 years in seeing organized BBQ become a reality here in Utah... While I don't know for certain about Larry, I DO know Ed is a whale of a competition BBQ cook... Was "invited" to compete at the Jack 10 years in a row - something I don't think any other cook/team has done since Ed "retired" (he still judges the Jack almost every year)...

4) All the "old" and "new" cooks that competed in this event... It was great to see old friends, and to meet some new faces... It was especially great to be cooking near Crash Pilot and the Pit Master BBQ team out of Idaho Falls... I would be proud/happy to cook next to you guys anytime!

5) And last but not least, my wonderful wife, Venssa... For her support, patience, love - her "cool" when I am frantic and losing my head - and her wonderful help with our turn-in boxes!!!

A BIG congratulations also to Brian & team (Dragon Smoke) for their fantastic RC finish (folks - did you notice the #1 & #2 teams at this comp were using Rancher's charcoal? Thanks again, Brian, for helping get that product out here!! )... And also to Doug & Chris for a strong 3rd place finish as well! Not too shabby at all for a couple of guys who are still pretty new to all of this!! (Hope you "Backyard" guys took note of this!! YOU CAN DO IT!!)

And Jaime / "Big Pig" - you guys get my vote for "Cook of the Year" award already... To have that kind of composure and determination and confidence in your skills/ability to forge on after losing your pit on the way to the comp - and to still do pretty darn well - well, a big tip of my hat to you!!!

Again, my many thanks... Now - on to Snowbird!! Let's show the rest of the BBQ world that the UT & ID cooks who make up the UBBQA know just a little about competition BBQ!!


Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Gene - 06-08-2009 06:00 AM

Some mighty fine BBQ on Saturday. Brenda and I were table captains so we didn't eat some of every turn in but what we got was ... yum-o.
:twisted: Sorry, Rachel Ray started it.
Thanks Lyle, and crew for getting this rolling. It'd be good to see a repeat next year, hopefully not on the weekend of the air show though. Traffic was a mess from Hill south bound as we were heading home to Logan. I had to stop at the base and get my truck Sat. About 6pm when I pulled in I asked one of the guards if I missed anything. He cracked a laugh.
Good job all, in both contests!! Big Grin

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Brian - 06-08-2009 08:08 AM

100% Certified BBQ judges. Well done!! I know this task is difficult to accomplish. My hat is off to you for giving up your Saturday to help out at this contest.

My appreciation also goes to the behind the scenes volunteers who do the thankless work.

congrats to those who received calls. My thanks go out to all the teams (backyard and pro) who came to play. I find the time spent with the BBQ family is always well spent. The time, effort and money that goes into preparing for and participating in a contest is never appreciated by the average spectator.

lastly I want to thank T and Becci for their tireless efforts to support the growth of BBQ in Utah. Many probably don't know it but T and Becci arrived on Thursday night to ensure everything would be right for us when we arrived on Friday. While the rest of us are doing our prep work, he is out taking care of all the cooks as they arrive. After that is all done he and Becci still need to take care of their own competition work. Many of the teams who earned calls on Saturday have learned from T's willingness to share his knowledge. We are fortunate he is willing to wear the mantle of the face of Utah BBQ.

Lets continue to make Utah BBQ a strong presence!! GO Utah BBQ!!!!!

- Flexo - 06-08-2009 08:26 AM

We had a great time at this event. It was nice to be at the fair grounds, and have some room to move around. Also I noticed that the people that worked at the fair grounds, were very willing to help out if needed. Some one near us needed electricity and didn't have enough extension cords to make the longer run, so the fair grounds went and found him some cords. They were also on top of trash removal. I would love to use that venue again.
Congrats to all the winners. I know a lot of you have been practicing hard, and it shows. we will see you at Snowbird.

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Frankenswine - 06-08-2009 09:24 AM

Had a great time cooking this one along with my new team mate So Ezzy. It was great getting to see everyone again. Just like a family reunion each comp. Congrats to Hoochie and Dragon Smoke for a job well done, and great job to all those that got calls.


Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Jaybird - 06-08-2009 09:37 AM

My congrats to Hoochie-Que for GC. Way to go Mike!!

And to Dragon Smoke. Brian, yer gettin er dialed in!!

See you guys at Snowbird!

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - PackerBacker - 06-08-2009 10:13 AM

Congrats to all that made the trip to the stage!!!! And to all you new cook out there,you have sucessfully made it through your first comp.!!!! Congrats again :wink: See you all on the "Hill"


Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Gene - 06-08-2009 10:50 AM

11 days and counting. Pot luck Friday nite? We'll bring the watermelons again. I'll let Brenda pick them again. She seems to have the nack.

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - SoEzzy - 06-08-2009 12:15 PM

First competition as a competitor instead of a judge.

Working with Doug, (Frankenswine as Ezzygore), starting his second year as a competitor, was a pleasure and an eye opener, we've been serious about practice over the winter and we work well together.

T from Q4U, (Utah Smoke team), restaurant has helped us out tremendously, thoughts, suggestions, tips, tricks and techniques, criticism of the bad and good cooks helped push us towards this 3rd place finish, after the weekly winter cooks.

I'd like to shout out to Hoochie-Que, (Mike) and Dragon Smoke, (Brian, Nelly and Evonne), congratulations on your awards.

The first in Chicken was down to a rub that Doug created from ingredients that he'd bought that might go into a rub, but never had, until T produce a flavor Doug had to track down, and it got great reviews from everyone who tasted it, sauced with Dougs sauce and using a technique that I brought to the mix.

Then the ribs were a similar story though T from Q4U, (Utah Smoke), kicked a$$ with the first place.

The pulled pork was mostly my work, with advice from Doug and carefully watching all night, it ranked 7th amongst some strong competition... we have more work to do to settle this out to a place that is satisfying.

The Brisket was the let down IMO, good flavor and texture but it wasn't liked by the judges, it was liked by other competitors who all liked it... we sure do have more work to do here, the score on the brisket dropped us out of the running for the reserve grand, we couldn't have caught the grand, but the reserve was within sight.

Oh well, I waved bye-bye to my competition cherry and we beat my hoped for "in the top half of the table" which would have been 9th or better, well 3rd sure feels better than that!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible... my mom and dad, (sorry having an Oscar moment there for a minute)! :wink:

- Infamous Dave - 06-08-2009 03:48 PM

Congrats to all...
And a huge congrats to Hoochie.
You deserve it! You have always been great to give help and support.

There are a few consistant folks here in Utah that turn out great BBQ every time. Hoochie makes that list.

Like I said congrats to all that were there, wish I could have been!

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Guest - 06-08-2009 07:33 PM

Thanks, Dave...

BTW... I hear your wife is due VERY soon!!! A even bigger CONGRATULATIONS to you, Dave!

Best wishes to you and your wife and your family with the new addition! Keep us abreast of things as they happen...


Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - T - 06-09-2009 02:46 PM

Yo, finally I have recovered from the rough festivities. Congrats to all that got a call. Thanks to the Brinkerhoffs for hosting the event, it took a lot of hard work on the Associations' behalf, and many hours sacrificed by the board consisting of Lyle, Jason, Brian, and myself, but it was worth it. In the future I would like to see others step up and volunteer to help in some areas. Ed and Larry are really impressed with the continued growth of the Association. Thanks to Tara of HqO BBQ Team who did an outstanding job on the name tags and team signs, you go girl! Before I forget man, I really appreciate how professional you guys were with the cleanliness of your areas both pros and backyard cooks. We received major props from the facility staff, as a matter of fact, they said that they have never seen a more organized group. My hats' off to all of you. Utah BBQ Baby! Thanks to our Idaho and Arizona brothers for their support. Thanks to Lyle and his family as always, there to help, and a very special thanks to Cris (Soezzy) for his contribution and donation of the UDS, that was raffled off in an effort to help raise a little money for the Association. One more big special thanks to the sunshine of my life Becci, who has supported the Association since day one and my involvement. I am so lucky to have her support my golf game. Oh before I go, one more thing, Sunday morning the Dutch oven people came by the restaurant on their way out and made a point to say that they were totally impressed with the eleven o clock shot and the camaraderie between the teams, but that's how we roll, right? Congrats again to Mike and Brian and all that got a call. Utah BBQ baby! See all at the Bird!

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - hulihuli - 06-10-2009 08:49 AM

Congrats to the great BBQ competitors. Thanks for sending good eats my way.
Hee Hee! How cool is that that the smoker ended up mine! I was just expecting to leave with a belly full of good BBQ.

Thanks Chris for the hard work and a BIG shout out to Lyle and T.
Lets be honest, the Big Ugly may mine but it will be Jeff’s baby.

- crashpilot - 06-10-2009 09:43 AM

Congratulations to Mike and all of team Hoochie-Que.

You folks may not know this, but while Mike was under the canvas cranking out some championship caliber bbq, he was also taking the time to keep track of and to calm the fears of his rookie neighbor. Thanks, Mike, for all your help and for all your support. Your good nature is a key reason that I had so much fun this weekend. I sincerely enjoyed your company and your guidance as well as the company of your entire family, I'm looking forward to spending some time with them again.

As you read BBQ forums, you read over and over about how helpful and friendly bbq teams are and how supportive the experienced guys are to the newbies. I was pretty sure I'd meet some really nice folks, but I was completely unprepared at just how helpful, friendly, and supportive everybody actually was. I met a ton of super people this weekend and it was a pleasure to get to know each of you. Thank you to everybody who took the time to stop and offer help to a new guy.

T, I loved the 11 o'clock shot. Not only is it a camaraderie builder, but it also really helped untangle the million thoughts I had twisted up in my head at that moment. Thanks for the drink, I owe ya!! See you in Worland.

Thanks again to everybody!! A special thank you and congratulations to Dr. Mike.

Happy Days!!

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - SoEzzy - 06-10-2009 12:44 PM

Here are a few pictures from Omar Tex/Mex.

[Image: wildwestbbq.jpg]

[Image: smoke.jpg]

[Image: granchampion.jpg]

Re: Wild West BBQ Showdown Professional Results - Three4Que - 06-11-2009 06:58 AM

Thanks Chris for posting those for Omar and so we could see them as well. I forgot to go around and take any photos, first comp jitters.