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Wild West Showdown Team List - Pegleg - 04-25-2009 10:42 PM

We have received the applications from the following competition teams for the Wild West Showdown. I will also have an updated list of the Backyard Division by tomorrow evening.

Professional Division
Smokin’ Hot Sistahs
Guppa D’s BBQ
Casual Smokers
BBQ Heaven
Pitmaster BBQ Company
Tubby's Smokin' Q
Dragon Smoke BBQ
TumbleWeed BBQ
Tex-Mex (Not sure of his Team Name)

Backyard Division
Hawg Gone Good
Q’d Up
Hintze’s Hogs
Skinny Pig BBQ

Re: Wild West Showdown Team List - Brian - 04-28-2009 11:16 AM

My app and check went on the mail on the 27 of April. I would have mailed it sooner but the bank gets upset when I write checks that arent covered by the money in my account.