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Chicken, Pork, beef - mjerdmann - 09-29-2008 09:29 AM

Hello Everyone:

I have really enjoyed all the different topics and posts on this site. You really are a very generous group. In all of my recipes and references, there are multiple temp guidelines. My question is what tempk works best for different meats? Here is what I have been trying with indirect smoking:

1. Chicken (whole & Cut up): 250-275 (165 internal)
2. Tri-Tip: 250 - 275 (145 internal)
3. Pork, pulled: 225-250 (190 internal)
4. Brisket: 225-250 (175 internal)

Am I even close on these?? I really appreciate any feedback or direction...

It's Hog Gone Good!

Re: Chicken, Pork, beef - Cyclops - 09-29-2008 01:55 PM

I try and keep the cooker around 215-225,( a lot easier on the Traeger)

Chicken- if your cooking whole cut-up, the thighs will be good and the breasts will be dry, try to pull at 160*

Tr-tip- I pull mine at 130*, then hot box it for about 45 minutes. It climbs to around 135* and it stays rare and juicy.

Pork shoulder- the standard is 190-195*. The last ones I did were around 200* when I cooler'ed them so I guess they were 200-205* when I pulled them. They were MUCH easier to pull and I did not seem to suffer from lost flavor or moistness.
Now I am confused myself on shoulder.

Brisket- 195* and then hot box for 30-45 minutes. As an aside here, be aware that I have never been completely satisfied with my brisket. After judging at many comps, I am clearly doing something wrong! :twisted: Good Luck and Practice, Practice, Practice!!

- SoEzzy - 09-29-2008 04:27 PM

Chicken I tend to cook a little hotter than everything else, 275 - 300, in the WSM with a ceramic plant plate in the water pan.

If I'm cooking whole chicken then either 170 in the thigh or 160 in the deepest part of the breast, for the internal temperature I call cooked. Any more than that in either spot and it will have started to dry out, any less and there is a chance some pink from under cooked will be next to the bones.

Tri-Tip 130 - 135 F internal, I've cooked them at 275 -300 but I prefer 220 - 235 F at the grate.

Pork for pulling 220 - 235 F at the grate, cook to 195 - 200 F internal.
Pork for slicing 220 - 235 F at the grate, cook to 170 - 175 F internal.

Brisket 220 - 235 at the grate, cook to 165 - 185 but really cook it till it is tender, and the fork test for doneness works. I've had then end up hotter than this, but I don't worry about the temperature as much as I worry about it being tender.

Re: Chicken, Pork, beef - mjerdmann - 09-30-2008 09:20 AM

SO eZZY, From you post, it looks like you keep the cooker at a steadt temp for all mears, focused on the grate temp and the ending internal. IS that working well? THANKS!!

- SoEzzy - 09-30-2008 01:11 PM

For the most part that's the way I find it simpler to cook, you don't have to be pushing temperatures up and down in the same cooker all the time, you basically set it up and let it cruise, with the smallest amount of "work" to achieve the desired goal.

Call me lazy if you want, but I see it as an energy conservation, a very green activity! :wink:

Re: Chicken, Pork, beef - Gene - 09-30-2008 01:38 PM

Ya me too. I just set the stat on the Traeger and take a nap. Save that energy for walking to turn ins, and perhaps 1 or more other walks. Big Grin