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Smoker and Misc Items for Sale - Lazy J BBQ - 09-01-2010 12:51 PM

Smoker For Sale

Peoria Custom Cooker - 24x72 Mobile Smoker
Offset insulated 24x24”firebox w/built in Guru / Stoker port
Fully lockable Side Storage Basket. Doors and firebox also lock for traveling.
Wood storage rack on Front
Purchased new in June 2009.
Built very rugged and with excellent workmanship.
Located in Grand Junction Colorado. Will consider limited delivery for gas $$.
Comes with hickory, apple, peach, and cherry wood

Other Items For Sale
WSM 22.5" New Condition - $250
WSM 18" - $100
CAMBRO 300MPC New Condition - $150
10x10 EZ-up (striaght leg style from Sam's) - $100

All items located in Grand Junction Colorado. PM with questions.

Picture picking up the smoker in Peoria Illinois - June 2009

Lazy J BBQ