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Pulled pork leftovers - wp-taxi-mom - 07-13-2006 03:01 PM

Idea Anybody have any NEW ideas for pulled pork leftovers. We cooked a butt a few days ago and its great but I wanted to do something different with whats left any fantastic ideas? Something besides sandwiches, tacos, nachos, burritos. :?: :?:

- teamfat - 07-13-2006 05:09 PM

Stir fry with chopped green onions and peanuts, a dash of hot chili sauce, a splash of soy sauce.


- SoEzzy - 07-13-2006 05:15 PM

Recipies 51 recipies for sandwiches, tacos, nachos and burritos.

For myself, I would get either some Pitas or Nan, (Greek or Indian), toasted the pita bread till it puffs, (works best with the pita bread that is not pricked full of holes), then slice into the top of the pitas and make them into pockets fill the bottom half of the pocket with the pork, add salad items to taste, (lettuce, onions, white cabbage, red cabbage, cucumber & yogurt sauce, some hot chili sauce if you have it too), serve and watch them vanish before your very eyes.

Cucumber and yogurt sauce is just diced (1/2 inch square) cucumber in plain (non-fruit) yogurt; it helps take some of the fire out of the hot chili sauce.

With the Nan bread do the pork with a light curry sauce, some cooked chickpeas (Garbanzo beans), other Dhal (split peas and lentil dishes) some salad to taste, put a Nan on the side plate then the pork, lentil dishes on the main plates, use the Nan to pick up some of each food by tearing off a piece and using it to protect your fingers. Traditionally eat this way with only the right hand, even if you are left handed for everything else.

- BBQUte - 07-13-2006 05:53 PM

Use your favorite pizza dough or Boboli. Mix pork with bbq sauce. Top crust with pork, top with a combination of shredded jack and cheddar cheese, top cheese with thin sliced red onion and fresh or pickled jalapeno pepper slices. Bake your BBQ pizza until crust is done and cheese is bubbly. This is a favorite at our house!!!

- wp-taxi-mom - 07-13-2006 06:23 PM

Thanks for the great ideas, I ended up making stuffed potatoes with red chile, pork and cheese for dinner. One of these ideas will come in handy for next time.

- T - 07-16-2006 10:01 AM

Pictured in the gallery are my pulled pork wraps. This is another way that I utilize some of my leftover pork when I have guest for a different twist. Deep fry them for about two minuets and serve with a sweet sauce for dipping, everyone loves them at least they say they do. When they are free everything is the best (smile). No, I don't serve these at the restaurant even though I've been asked to.

keep it low-n-slow " T "


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leftovers - Guest - 07-19-2006 09:05 AM

Pulled pork leftovers mixed with a bit of BBQ sauce and some Montery Jack cheese make a great omelet filling. Big Grin

Re: leftovers - SmokinJoe - 07-19-2006 11:33 AM

Johnrfit Wrote:Pulled pork leftovers mixed with a bit of BBQ sauce and some Montery Jack cheese make a great omelet filling. Big Grin

That DO sound nice...and I have about 8lbs of pulled pork in the freezer...hmmm...