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Brisket - phatch - 04-30-2006 08:08 AM

Costco had brisket this week for $2.55 a pound. Seemed reasonable. I've never seen it in a grocer except as a corned beef; it's always been a specialty item. And so I've never bbqed one before. I've also never been impressed with the brisket at any of the bbq joints here in town so it has been a low priority for me to try. But now I've got the chance.

Here it is just before it went in my bullet style water smoker. Fat side is down in this pic, but I'm cooking it fat side up to start.

[Image: brisket1.jpg]

I'm using a Paul Kirk recipe as a starting point. Thought I'd try something reliable for my first effort. Given a quick worcestershire soak, then a rub or brown sugar (I'm using turbinado) chile powder, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic & onion powders with a bit of celery seed, thyme, and allspice. I also added some sumac as I like the sourness and it adds lots of soluble red.

I'll post more pics as it cooks.


- Rick - 04-30-2006 08:26 AM

Lookin' good... Brisket flats make about the best bbq sands. imaginable, some wonder bread, pickle, and jalapeno's on the side and you have some bbq fare that reminds me of those garage sales in Houston that always seem to have a pit goin' to entice would be shoppers and folks just driven' by. Smile

- Guest - 04-30-2006 10:01 AM

Hey, phatch...

Good looking brisket, brother!! Hope you are pleased with your final product!!...

I was over at the Costco off 2100 South in SLC late yesterday myself (in fact, got ran out of the store as they were closing!), and picked up a couple to try out, too... You are right, I have never seen them at Costco before yesterday... The ones I found were a little smaller in weight than I would have liked, and a little more thickness to the cut would have been nice... The two I got were around 6 lb each... I prefer a 7-9 lb, with 2 1/2 - 3 in of thickness when I can find 'em... Costco did a nice job with trimming the ones I picked up... Last brisket or two I have done have also been black angus... I surely liked their flavor, and I'd like to think it was because perhaps there was a little more marbleling in it - and/or maybe it was just the fact I paid a little more for them, too! 8)

After getting run out of Costco (had the family with me, too), we stopped by Pat's BBQ (where the KCBS judging class will be held in 2 weeks) and fed my crew... Pat wasn't there, but met Dave who I understand is a good friend/cooking buddy of Pat's... Really good Que.... Between all of us, we had ribs, brisket, and chicken, and I sampled a little of each (on a serious diet right now - and nothing worse than having some great Que in front of you and having to be "good"!!)... It was all good stuff... Screen doors as you walk in, a great/pleasant (but not overwhelming) smell of smoke in the air, meats all had a great bark and just enough smoke to them... And even met a couple of other Texans who were in there eating as well (one actually went to Texas Tech, where I did my undergraduate studies)... If that don't tell you this is a joint worth checking out, I don't know what does!! A little hard to find (just south off 2100 S and West Temple), so call for directions or visit his website for a map - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.patsbbq.com">http://www.patsbbq.com</a><!-- m -->

Will be a great meeting place for this KCBS class coming up, too!!

- phatch - 04-30-2006 06:15 PM

I ate it. First bite was, this is why I don't like bbq brisket. I don't dislike it, but it's just average. By the end of the first strip, I could say I did like brisket. It got better the more I ate.

I just like pork on the barbecue a lot more.

Finished result

[Image: brisketa.jpg]

And I smoked a spatchcocked chicken too. The legs came off when I picked it up, so I tucked them underneath.

[Image: chicken.jpg]


- Jeff - 05-01-2006 09:07 AM

That brisket does look good. I'd like to try some good brisket sometime because the 2 times I've tried smoking brisket it was good but not great. I'm not sure If I'm just not a fan of brisket, or if I haven't tasted a good one yet.
That would be great if Costco continued selling brisket. Sam's Club does sell the flats, and you can request the full packer brisket with the point still attached. Walmart carries briskets but they only have select grade from what I have seen around here. Sam's (and I'm sure Costco) sells choice grade.

- Rick - 05-01-2006 09:41 AM

Good lookin' brisket, wish I had smell-a-puter :lol: Did you get an internal temp. of that beauty and how long was it on and at what temp? All those usual questions.

!! - Gumbo - 05-01-2006 01:12 PM

Looks like a flat, which is a little harder to cook just right since they're so lean. A flat benefits from a foiling at around 165, and you can add a little moisture to the foil at that point if you wish (beef stock, etc).

The benefit of a full packer is that there's more internal fat in the point, part of which overlaps the flat. Super Wal-Mart sells whole packers for around $1.38 per pound that typically weigh from 10 to 14 pounds.

Cook the whole packer to the flat's target temp, then separate the flat from the point. Put the point back in for several more hours to render more fat. You can also cube the point, add sauce, then smoke several hours more for burnt ends.

Brisket is my favorite of all BBQ!!

Here's a picture of a cooked full packer...
[Image: brisketdone.jpg]

- phatch - 05-01-2006 06:57 PM

I cooked it to 190. Took about 8 hours. The last few hours was in a foil wrap.


- Gumbo - 05-02-2006 08:09 AM

Looks great--flats are definitely less forgiving that a packer--and harder to cook right. How moist was it? I'm glad to see Costco is selling briskets. Though the chopped point and burnt ends are my favorite.

- phatch - 05-02-2006 08:32 AM

When I cut it, I thought it would be dry but it wasn't. I suppose it could have been moister, but it wasn't a problem.


- McNasty - 05-03-2006 09:27 AM

Hi. I'm a new guy on the block. I got brisket the other day at Harmons, 54th and Redwood. $2.49/lb in the bag, but had to ask the butcher for it. He charges more if he trims it. I figure I got a knife so why pay more.