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BBQ 101 Class A Winner! - stewartr002 - 05-08-2011 04:45 AM

I had the opportunity to attend the organizations BBQ 101 class yesterday along with about 40 others. What a super learning experience. T, Karla, and several other managing members of the Utah BBQ Organization put on and outstanding class. Highlights for me were the knives types, sharpening and care, chicken preparation, rub and sauce spices/prep, and the indepth knowledge of Brian, Mike, and others about the Weber Smokey Mountian, Big Drum, and side box smokers (several variations of all were there).

T put on a masters class in knife care and sharpening, chicken and rib preparation--taking time to demonstrate each step to the students of how to convert spare ribs into St. Louis style ribs, how to convert an ugly chicken quarter into two delicious looking chicken pieces, how to make spatch-cocked chicken, how to apply a rub, and how to cook them on a smoker and gas grill. T is obviously a wizard at his "golf game" craft. I counted over 10 "T Tips" that I haven't gotten from any other source and that are crucial to creating great BBQ. Now I feel "tee'd up" to improve MY golf game ;-).

Karla's spices and sauces class was the best information I've had so far on how to make my own rubs and sauce. Her insights about how to list and compare spices, what to do and not to do when starting out, and how to blend the spices were brilliant. I've already identified changes I need to make to my rub and sauce creations. I probably learned more in her class than all of my research and trials combined relative to making rubs and sauce.

Before, during, and after the class I had the opportunity to talk to several of the managing members of the organization. The insights of these tremendously experienced and knowledgeable members helped me make a crucial decision regarding which new smoker I wanted to get next. Chris, Brian, Mike, and the others really know their stuff. Many thanks to them for so willingly sharing this information. It litterally saved me from spending over $500 this weekend on a smoker that I thought I wanted.

My hat's off to all involved with putting on this class. It was a lot of work to do. I can't wait for the next one and encourage all who missed this one to jump at the chance when they do it again.

This is a great organization with great, giving, members. I'm glad to be a part of it!

Happy smokin'!


RE: BBQ 101 Class A Winner! - SoEzzy - 05-08-2011 11:02 AM

Thanks for the kind words Randy.

I enjoyed helping put parts of it together, along with the other managing members.

It was a fun time, I hope we get more people signing up when we open the next one, but we haven't finished talking this one through yet... so that may take us a while. Wink

There was a load of information, and tips tricks and techniques gleaned from years of cooking in general and BBQ in particular, I don't think anyone that attended, will ever look at their grill quite the same way again!

RE: BBQ 101 Class A Winner! - Phred - 05-08-2011 10:41 PM

Randy covered it well, I thought it was a wonderful class. As T's grandpa said, " If you have stopped learning you're getting ready to die". I learned a lot of great techniques. Thanks everyone! I've been teaching my wife and kids ever since I got home.


RE: BBQ 101 Class A Winner! - nub2bbq - 05-16-2011 02:34 AM

I can't beleive I had to miss this!!!!! Let me know when the next one is and sign me up! I will call in sick to work if I have to!