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High Quality Knives For Sale - Cutco Dan - 08-30-2011 12:33 AM

Hello my name is Dan and I am an advanced sales representative with Cutco Knives. If you have ever looked in to buying high quality knives then you have probably heard of them. You can probably find Cutco for sale on amazon.com or other sites but you will never get as good of deals as you do with a sales rep. The demonstration that I do is short and simple without any pressure of buying. I get paid just to show it so even if you just want to see how the knives work on your food in comparison to your current knives then I can come over and show you and you can buy or not. It is always good to know what is out there so that you can get high quality quick and save money over the long run. If anyone is interested, my cell phone number is 760-590-0169. Call me anytime. If I don't pick up then just leave a voicemail or shoot me a text message and I will definitely give you a call because I want to get paid just for showing you my knives. I also respond to emails at danielhbury@gmail.com. Thank you all.

Cutco Dan