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An explanation of the Stall - SoEzzy - 11-09-2011 11:51 AM


RE: An explanation of the Stall - wallywombat - 11-09-2011 12:58 PM

A very interesting read.

RE: An explanation of the Stall - SoEzzy - 11-09-2011 01:31 PM

I find it an interesting article, but I don't think it gives the whole story.

It stated in part the the stall occurred until all the moisture was driven out of the meat at which point it continued to cook to the temperature that was desired.

Then how can I and thousands of others get meat that is still juicy when fully cooked?

I've cooked 4 hours in the smoke then foiled, when I don't care about the product and I just want to get it done.

I've cooked 4 or 5 hours then panned and allowed it to cook on after putting lid on the pan at the 6 or 7 hour mark.

I've cooked them 4 - 5 hours in the smoke then panned them and not put a lid on till they finish at the temperature I want, then loosely tented them as they rest.

I've cooked them till done without foil.

If you look at the two small pieces of meat "Foil Jumped" and "Normal Rubbed", although he says there is little difference between them, I know which one I want on my plate just by the way it looks, and that's the Normal Rubbed, why because to the eye of this beholder, it looks a whole lot better, the Foil Jumped looks like the middle has been steamed out, that gray color doesn't work as well for me as the pinker meat on the right.

So experiment with your pits, they all cook in different ways, experiment with your techniques and find what works for you and your family, if you compete then find some other techniques that work to give you what the judges are looking for, but when all is said and done, experiment... because to stand still is to die a little more every day! Wink

Don't forget if your wife reads that article and believes that the product is the same in a 6 hour cook as it is in a 12 hour cook, that's 6 more hours to get on with the honey dew list, instead of sitting drinking beers or soda's and talking BS with the guys! HuhAngryConfused

RE: An explanation of the Stall - Razcals Ribs - 11-09-2011 08:13 PM

Good article might try but then let you guys know but that won't be till it gets warmer.