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The Best Prime Rib - tipsforBBQ - 12-11-2011 10:30 PM

I just posted my Prime Rib Recipe on TipsforBBQ that a few of you guys have asked me about. This is my favorite way to do a standing rib roast.

[Image: FinishedPrimeRib.jpg]

This is dry brined overnight with a few herbs, given a great wet rub and reverse-seared. FANTASTIC!!

Dry Brining:
[Image: DryBriningPrimeRib.jpg]

Smoked and then Seared:
[Image: ReverseSear.jpg]

Love to hear any feedback on this or any of my BBQ Recipes. Merry Christmas Utah BBQr's.

RE: The Best Prime Rib - bwinther - 12-12-2011 07:50 AM

Very nice. I have always wanted to try a prime rib but have been afraid to "ruin" a great peice of meat. I may have to give this a try real soon. Thanks for posting.


RE: The Best Prime Rib - T - 12-12-2011 06:00 PM

Rusty, man that looks gooooood!! I will really have to try one of those bad boys in the near future. I think the last cook on one of those was on the Auspit. I started deep frying mine about 12 years ago which I really love, but your pictures got me going. I really like your sight bro, Happy Holidays to you, as well, and thanks for posting!

RE: The Best Prime Rib - tipsforBBQ - 12-12-2011 09:43 PM

Thanks for the kind words guys. You're all welcome to join the photo contest on Facebook too. It's not a trophy, but still fun.

FB Photo Contest Link

I can honestly say I've never thought of frying one. I'm intrigued.

RE: The Best Prime Rib - grillfoot - 02-16-2012 12:50 PM

Just tried this recipe for the first time and I burned it! Never one to give up though, I am still quite the novice at this whole outdoor cooking thing. I may try the cast iron griddle next time around...

RE: The Best Prime Rib - tipsforBBQ - 03-06-2012 12:37 AM

(02-16-2012 12:50 PM)grillfoot Wrote:  Just tried this recipe for the first time and I burned it!

That's a shame! Don't give up though. Try w/ some 1.5-2" thick steaks (ribeyes, etc) and follow the same steps for cooking. Just don't season with anything. Instead just pull them out 1 hour before you're ready to cook and liberally salt them. This will bring moisture to the surface and dissolve the salt and suck it back in. This is similar to the dry brine used on the prime rib except with the smaller steak-cut the process happens quicker.