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I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 04-24-2012 11:09 AM

Well I woke up today and was finally going to order me a stoker or Guru for my two WSM's. Cooked some ribs Sat and I am just going modern. Hopefully it will provide me some more sitting time.
I did a google search and found this one And decided to order 2 of them.
I Que 110's
I will let you know how they work.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - SmokedOut - 04-26-2012 05:30 PM

Looks great can't wait to hear how it works for you. It seems much more afordable than the ones I have seen.


RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-07-2012 06:21 PM

Well got the two I Que 110 units today..
I am thinking about going out and getting 4 butts tonight??? o
Any advice on a good place currently in the sandy draper area to get some bone in cryovac packs??

anyway this is a new improved version. The controller unit has a damper valve with 4 indent positions.. each one cuts the pie by half width... it says for bullet WSM to go full open #4 .. or down one to #3 depending on how air tight they are.
IT talks about using one lighter cube on a kettle to start the fires?? what is a lighter cube? on the 18" WSM or bullets a half a starter minion method on a full starter of unlit.

and it says the big steel kegs are "ridiculously efficient" and that is what #1 is for. it is amazing small?? Is a big steel keg a 55 gal cooker.

some more info
5-15 CFM
175-375 control temps I guess no cheese??
12 VDC at 500 ma
input power 2.1mm Id 5.5mm od center positive jack
operating temp 0-140 degree F

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - Curtis Nations - 05-07-2012 06:44 PM

The starter cubes are made by weber, about the size of a ice cube. They are a alternative to lighter fluid. A big steel Keg is a steel smoker that is similar to a big green egg.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-08-2012 06:35 AM

Thanks Curtiss I assumed that was what a cude is but if folks were making smokers out of kegs I have a couple in the garage?? going fishin today but I will use it soon.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-11-2012 06:55 AM

Ok so the cook starts today.
2 small I guess 6.3# pork butts, they were the pretrimmed ones or something 7# start?? They are not like the ones I have used before. I have two nice 10# ones in the fridge in the cryopak for a cook for in a few days. I thought I would use the smaller ones for a test cook. They were kroger steak ready pork butts bone in? there was like a false cap but the main fat cap was gone. The bone is larger in comparison?
anyway on to the I Que 110.
First off I am 8.5 hrs into my cook. and I slept 7 hours.!!! and feel great. Meat says it is 150. All systems are go!! green light has just been purring. The wind basically shut down about the start of this cook. So temps went from 65's to 45 no wind.
by the way I ordered 2 of these units right at 300$ for my WSM's pair. I found a coupon code yesterday for 8.5% off. "Brethren". Lots of reviews on it over at BBQ brethren. Most are good but a few folks have had some troubles. It appears you need a tight WSM for it to work. Mine ladies are tight!
Timeline so far.
1.5 chimneys unlit plus 8 hickory chunks 2-3 cu in each. almost a full ring but not heaping.
Lit half a chimney at 8:30pm
at 9:00 put chimney on top.
added boiling water to foil lined pan
and put it together and plugged in the Ique 110.. set for 220
in about 20 mins it was stable so
I set it to 225. and 15 mor mins and stable
10:15pm Meat on top shelf.
Note my grate meat probe and tater fell into the water pan so it went bad all night.. When it did work it was reading about 210-215? I think it dried out this morning because I plugged it back in and get a reading thats not crazy.. 210.
I need a new maverick!!
HMMM lost the rest of my timeline.
10:15 meat at 41
3:30 meat at 141 things look good peaking in door lots of red coals all over when the fan blows its 3 sec puff every 10 sec or so.
6:30 meat 151 green light.
One note hardly any opening of the cooker this first 8 hours. barely lifted lid to check Maverick and Ique probes are in place and not touching lid or meat. and the door that one time. This has to be good.
7:50 meat at 155 maverick 153 thermapen sprayed with apple juice and peanut oil. looking great!!

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-11-2012 08:52 AM

How do people get 12-16 hour burns??
I finally decided to turn up the I QUe 110 thinking it has been cooking more in the 215 range. It would be nice if it had a temp readout. Also the temp adjustment dial is quite coarse. Coarse in both the feeling of the potentiometer coils (at least to my safe cracking feel) and the spacing of the printed temp ranges.. IT reads every 25 degrees. so you have to guess between those. All my temp probes have been reading 210-215.

I added boiling water to the pan as it was getting low.. IT will last till done.
The fuel was quite low so to help the I Que 110 I added about 20 unlite Royal oak. Moved some of the unbrunt stuff from the far side and made a pile near the airflow... I also added some in the bare spots to block the airflow.
8:45 Meat is still 155
ok I had a little temp spike... But I think that was to be expected. since I kinda set up a flareup scene. I unplugged the I Que and shut down its vent. for 5 mins lets things get below 240 and plugged it back in and turned the dial down some.. As I mentioned the dial is not very precise.. To Explain further the white line on the knob is about 12-15 degrees wide. I had it centered exactly at 225 all night and now it is slightly above.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - Big Johnson's BBQ - 05-11-2012 10:59 AM

I order a Guru with 2 fans for my pit this week too... Should be here today... Can't wait to install them!
Go to Sam's Club for your butts...

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-11-2012 11:21 AM

Not a sams member.. That is a great price.... 1.39 #

11:15 meat 161 in the slow zone.. Ok So cooker temp was dropping like a rock... down to 190... opened up the door and most of those 20 new coals were gone?? Fan was trying....
Added about 25 more. and think I will go add more in a few minutes after it comes up to temp... didn't want to leave the door open and have it get to much air and overshoot again.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-11-2012 02:45 PM

well, I am slowly ramping up the cooking temps... now above 225..
2:30pm 16 hours in and meat only at 177 thermapen.... and these were like 6.3# butts???
I am wondering how many coils the temp dial pot has?? so I can figure out how far you need to turn before it grabs another coil?? I will be sending an email to the Company... I want to know if there are coils every 5 or 20 degrees??

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - Gene - 05-11-2012 03:07 PM

I would be so frustrated at all that fussin' around. Suggestion, sell it and get a Cook Shack, Traeger, whatever. Have some piece of mind in the process. You're the one that said you were going modern.
Just sayin'.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-11-2012 03:58 PM

Never thought dinner by 7pm was going to be a problem.. Going up to 250 now.. meat at about 184. 4pm. I had planned for a cooler rest for 2 hours... maybe I can get it to 200 by 6pm?
Next time I will set it for more like 235-240 to start.
man I am in trouble... I just had to add more fuel. meat only 183 I would guess I am at 18# of royal oak... Glad I only have a few bags left.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-11-2012 05:18 PM

I will get things figured out... I thought a solid 225 all night would have put me further along? Just ordered a new ET 732.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-12-2012 07:40 AM

Well it turned out great despite my attempts to ruin the cook. Gotta love a pork butt.

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - Yonni - 05-13-2012 07:33 AM

so is this thing worth getting? After all of your troubles would you still recommend it?

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-13-2012 11:55 AM

for the first 8 hours with plenty of fuel the IQue 110 sure did its job. THe temp on its dial maybe off some and since there is no readout you need a back up trusty cooker probe to calibrate the knob by. If I would have just added 1 1/2 to two chimneys of unlit in the morning I think it would have worked well all day.. I lowballed the fuel additions several times during the day and I think that along with ash buildup with this Royal oak fuel was my main problem.
I say it works like it should I jsut need to learn how to privide all the fuel it needs to have available and calibrate the temp knob .

RE: I Que 110 temp controller. - elkski - 05-16-2012 07:57 AM

Ok My 2nd cook is 2/3rds done... This time sand instead of water. I dont understand this I Que 110 yet.. But if you are a super gadget guru you might not like it.
I had swings of more than 30 degrees last night and the controller did not start blinking at 10 above red or 10 below Green. I dont care where I set it it should control within +- 10 or start blinking. That did not happen on at least two occasions. Like I have said the width of the set knob does not allow you to guess your set point very accurately. maybe +- 5.. remember the width of the painted line on the knob is 10-15 degrees wide. Plus whats even worse is it appears there increments of detection as to where you set the knob might be in like 20 degree increments.
I infer this by moving the knob one way real slightly and I expect to be able to trigger a off by 10 degree condition and get the blinking lights but I seem to be able to move this knob 30 degrees??? At this point I wish I would have spent 250$ more and got 2 Cyber Q's....