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UDS "Ugly Drum Smoker" For sale - PigPimping.com - 04-29-2013 08:29 PM

So anyone that has used one of these smokers knows just how well they work! The design is simple but with huge delicious results! The truth is anyone with a little know how and skill can build one of these in their back yard with items available at any local hardware store BUT for those of you that want a “turn – key” solution we have started making them for you! Asking $275 for for complete new Smoker, Never used (barrels are reconditioned) . If you want to add in a 3/16" metal center shelf with heat plate to use for water smoking its an additional $45 or if you want to just buy the the briquette basket and Ash pan for your own smoker its $100.00. I have included a picture with the plans for those of you feeling ambitious to build your own! Call with any questions.


RE: UDS "Ugly Drum Smoker" For sale - SoEzzy - 04-30-2013 11:09 PM

Hi Brent

If you would like to purchase advertising space with a banner in the top rotation we have very good rates.

We are holding a class on Saturday for 15 New UDS builders, with another scheduled for July for any unable to attend this one!