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A few things i have learned this year and want to pass on - LT72884 - 05-21-2013 11:24 AM

Ello all my fellow bbq'ers. it has been about a year since i have posted. Engineering school does take some time out of my day and year. haha, oh and i got married. So life has been busy. Though i have learned some new things with Q and would like to share them.

First. I have found a great way to achieve that awesome TBS ( thin blue smoke) on a UDS or kettle and would like to share my tips and tricks for any newcomers that might be here.

Step1. Fill your basket 3/4ths the way full. Add 3-5 FIST sized wood chunks. Make sure they are fist sized or they will burn to fast. Continue to fill the charcoal basket to the top, burrying the wood under a layer or two of unlit.

Step2. Fill the charcoal chimney up with about 20-25 briqs. If using lump, then roughly a fourth of the chimney. Light the chimney and let the coals get nice and red hot.

Step3. Place charcoal basket into drum. Place the lit over the unlit and spread them out evenly over the top. This creates an even burn but most importantly, it preheats all the wood and charcoal all at once, allowing the TBS to flow more naturally and quicker.
Some place the soals right in the center, i have done this and it works fine, just preheat takes a few minutes longer and TBS is not as fast.

Step4. preheat cooker for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, begin to lock in your desired temp. after 45 minutes to an hour, the thick white smoke should be done and nice blue should be flowing. now it is time to cook.

Step5. If smoke stops, dont add more. When you cant see exhaust from the cooker, your fire is clean and hot. A many a times i thought my wood had burned up, but when i looked, it was still there.

There is my 5 step process to a UDS clean fire. It has worked very well for me.

For a kettle low and slow, there are 2 methodes i use. The ring of fire and the brik method.

For the brik method, i take two fire bricks, which can be baught at lehi bloock or at a place on 9800 south and 5200 west called interstate brick.


go there for fire brik dealers.

Step1. Anyway, place the two briks in the hettle to cover a third of it or so. Foil the other part of the charcoal grate.

Step2. Fill the empty space by the fire brick with unlit charcoal, burrying wood chunks in the charcoal.

Step3. Light about 10-12 briqs or a small amount of lump in a chimney until red hot. Dont know exact amount of lump so you will have to toy around till you get what you like.

Step4. Place the lit charcoal at one end of the unlit. Place a loaf pan filled with HOT water above the charcoal. Let preheat to 250ish. You will see wisps of thin blue after about 45 minutes. maybe sooner.

The ring of fire i use for long cooks.
here is a pic of it. this is not my pic since i forgot to take one. this is from the virtual weber forum and its a wsm, but it will work great for a kettle.

[Image: 8199502123_a4b4573023_z.jpg]

stack the charcoal around in a ring about 2 or 3 layers high. Place a wood chunk ontop, and light one end with about 10-15 lit briqs or lump.

there you go. TBS on a kettle and UDS. Thanks all for lookin and ill probably post some more stuff.


RE: A few things i have learned this year and want to pass on - Razcals Ribs - 05-21-2013 09:36 PM


RE: A few things i have learned this year and want to pass on - LT72884 - 05-21-2013 11:06 PM

No problem. I have learned more than just how to start a clean fire. But i feel that is the most important part so i like to pass it on. I have made a mini uds now and love it. Cute lil thang! Made from a weber smoky joe and a stock pot. Haha thanks for reading