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Montego Bay Casino NV - SoEzzy - 08-25-2013 11:43 AM

I want to thank all those that made the Wild West BBQ Shootout the contest that it was.

From the Casino management, Great Western BBQ Events, Utah BBQ Organization, the KCBS, the Judges and Volunteers, Johnny Trigg for his class and all the teams from around the country that came out and cooked, we are sorry for Tombstone BBQ - Kalama, WA, get well soon. we would have preferred to have you whole and well and with us, than to hear about your accident.

The weather gave the teams a run for their money with storms and high winds taking their toll on Friday morning, but there was only a sprinkling of rain, (not even enough to call a shower), Friday evening and Saturday, there was a light show over the mountains North of Wendover in the middle of the night, but although you could see the lightning brightening the sky, it was all far enough away to barely hear the rumble of the thunder.

So thanks for all those that turned out, to cook, to judge, to vend, or just to have a good time and eat some BBQ.

Thanks too for Tony and Laura (http://www.bestdealsutah.com/) for coming out and filming the streaming video.

If you were there even in spirit, I thank you!

Looking forward to other competitions with all of you!