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Pig on the Caja China - Frankenswine - 01-01-2010 02:02 PM

I got a La caja China for Christmas this year, and decided to do a whole pig. The box did a great job on the pig. Looking forward to the next one...

[Image: Pig.jpg]

[Image: Pig4.jpg]

[Image: Newyear001.jpg]

[Image: Newyear002.jpg]

[Image: Newyear003.jpg]

[Image: Newyear004.jpg]

[Image: Newyear005.jpg]


Re: Pig on the Caja China - SoEzzy - 01-01-2010 03:53 PM

I'm even more sorry I have been sick the last week, I'd have liked to have met such a happy new years piggy!

He really got into the spirit of things by the look of him! :lol:

It looks like you sized him about right, much bigger and you'd have had to top and tail him to get him in, did he fill it as much as it looks?

Re: Pig on the Caja China - T - 01-02-2010 01:27 PM

Yo, I was there, and the piggy was good. I especially liked the way that it crisp up the skin in areas. Not bad for the first time and knowing Doug the next one will be even better! Fun time was had by all, and thanks for the invite. The Caja China does a good job, can't wait to see what it does with other meats. Interesting concept, about the same principle as the Cajun Microwave that I looked into in 1996. The only difference was at that particular time the Cajun Microwave had a window where you could view the food cooking, and a drain in the bottom for grease. Great present Doug!