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New Year's Eve Carolina BBQ - PalapaPellethead - 01-01-2010 12:52 AM

Hi all. We live in southern California, but I thought it may be fun to fix a carolina style bbq for our dinner friends tonight. Here's a brief note on what we did and how it turned out...

Tonight we smoked a carolina style pork shoulder on the Traeger. Standard texas bbq rub, crushed garlic and mustard rubbed and marinated overnight. 10 hours on the grill at 245 deg., basted every hour with mix of apple cid. vinegar, salt, pepper, sliced jalapenos and onions. Pellets mix of cherry w/ some mesquite. Done w/ a internal temp of 175, pulled it apart and disposed of the fat cap. Used Raichlen's sauce of ACV, br. sugar, ketchup, hot sauce and some salt. 175 was not done enough as not enough fat came out of it and it wasn't easy to shred. Next time I'll cook to 190 or 195.

After I pulled and chopped the meat, I laid it out on a cookie sheet and broiled it for a few minutes, to render out some more of the fat. That worked well as it crisped it up a bit and most of that extra fat just ran right down and I soaked it up with some paper towels.

Flavor was good though, with enough sweet heat from the rub, and the mustard and garlic gave it a nice acidic bite.

Just thought you'd want to know.

Happy New Year to y'all.

Re: New Year's Eve Carolina BBQ - SoEzzy - 01-01-2010 02:05 AM

Sounds like you handled it OK, even though it hadn't turned out perfect coming off the pit.

If you're not going to foil when the meat goes past the plateau 165 ish, you might need to estimate an hour to an hour and a quarter per lb.

You may also aim even hotter, 195 - 200!

On a joking note I didn't know that they use Texas Rub in the Carolinas :wink:, of course you were using the rub in California, so all things are possible I suppose! Tongue

Happy cooking in 2010!

Re: New Year's Eve Carolina BBQ - PalapaPellethead - 01-01-2010 01:44 PM

Thank you SoEzzy. Your simple and kind comments adds up to a heap of good information for me (and many other's, I'm sure). I consulted 2 cookbooks before smoking that pork butt and neither gave me the simple guidelines of wrapping with foil at any point or judging cooking time by weight. Also, the Kansa BBQ Society cookbook recommended the internal temp of 170 deg., SO BEWARE of their advice!

The piece of meat we smoked started out weighing about 9 lbs. and I cooked it for 10 hours. If I was to plan on 195 or 200, the fat would probably have rendered out better and it would have been easier to shred, but it would not have been done 'till almost 10pm. Next time I'll start the meat at 6 or 7 in the morning, allowing plenty of time for variations in cooking time and temperature. I have taken notes on your advice and I'll send in another report after we try it all again, maybe in a few months' time.

Thank you again for the good advice.

Oh, I use Texas rub as it tastes good, it's not too hot, and it's convenient. Yep, Carolina bbq, in California, using a Texas rub. Ain't this country just the greatest? It certainly is!

Re: New Year's Eve Carolina BBQ - SoEzzy - 01-01-2010 03:49 PM

With a 9 lb butt and cooking in the 225 - 250 range, I'd be looking at 11 - 12 hours possible cooking time.

I'd keep an eye on the internal temperature every hour after the first 6 hours cooking, that way you will gain in experience in judging just how your pit works for you.

I allow the first 6 hours without bothering, because it takes at least that long to get close to the 160 F internal that starts the plateau, and the point that the majority of the rendering is going to take place.

Keep notes on what you do and what works best... that way you don't have to rely on frail human memory to recall it all!

Practice, and enjoy the experimental results, once you lock it in and you gain experience, you'll be able to time meals closer to the start time, based on your knowledge of your pit.