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Beef Ribs - PalapaPellethead - 09-26-2009 10:57 PM

OK, I'm typing this in the color brown, because that's the color of cooked BBQ. Now that I think about that decision, it may not have been that wise....

My questions and comments relate to beef ribs, their smoking preferences and your recipe suggestions.

First of all, I agree with PatioDaddio that beef ribs are a more flavorsome and satisfying BBQ candidate than pork ribs. Done. However, on research it seems there's a dearth of information available on the proper BBQ techniques for preparing and cooking these ribs. There's tons written on pork, as we all know.

First of all, it's tough to find decent ribs from all normal sources. Most beef ribs are scallop cut, whereas the meat is cut out, down between the bones on trimming. Unless specifically instructed, the meat cutter sees the ribs as waste, and any decent meat left on during trimming them is likewise wasted. Because of this apparent ubiquitous trimming method I believe any supermarket ribs costing more than $.60/lb is a waste of money, and not fit for human consumption. The only reasonable source for meaty ribs appears to be a restaurant meat supplier cutting meat under special BBQ rib cooking instruction, and these ribs are usually only available in large quantities and by special order. Does anyone have any ideas on how to acquire really meaty bones???

Finally, the rub, prep and cooking of the meat. I find that beef cooked with a sweet rub is terrible. Sugar on beef. Yuck. The best "rub" I've found to date seems to be simply applied garlic, salt and pepper. It's also delicious on tri tip. Does anyone have another beef rub recipe they think is the very best??? Basting? Marinating? Prep time (rub and refrig. time)? How about the cooking/smoking? Temperatures?

I've tried cooking ribs several ways, and it's frankly difficult to get them to turn out meaty and tender. (by contrast, pork is very, very easy to cook well) It takes a very long time to smoke ribs until they're tender. With little meat on the bones to start with, they tend to dry out quickly. Thus, the paradox of a well cooked rib is also an overcooked rib. Thoughts on this???

Re: Beef Ribs - sampson - 09-27-2009 02:40 PM

I've gotten the guys at our local Lee's to stop short of trimming the crap out of the beef ribs, but you gotta catch them at the right time... No other ideas from me on where to get good dino bones. And personally, I'm a salt and pepper guy on my beef ribs...