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Low & Slow??...
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Re: Low & Slow??...
PatioDaddio;p="14319 Wrote:Nice post, Dr. Mike. I understand the chemistry, but the success of hot & fast cooking leaves me baffled.

Keep it coming, brother!


Patience, my brother... Patience... :wink:

I anticipated a comment along your line of thought... And I am awaiting some feedback from a couple of a meat science professors at a couple of major universities down in Texas to get their take as to how/why "hot & fast" may also be a viable option when it comes to Que... There are definitely some great cooks out there doing well with "hot & fast" these days... But there are definitely those doing well with "low and slow", too...

My article was meant to be a "baseline" for the readers... A place we can go from... "Low & slow" is without a doubt the more "traditional" and time-tested method for cooking Que... And it definitely works...

But I am going to also examine "hot & fast" for the readers as well... I am just awaiting some insight/information from some folks who hopefully are a whole lot smarter than me in this area... Being the knot-head that I am, I am afraid all that I have to offer at this time is my own casual observations on the subject...

At the same time, does that mean that a "scientific" answer will resolve the issue of "low & slow" versus "hot & fast"? I doubt it... Like the "stick burner vs pellet pooper" argument, I have a feeling that smokeheads are still going to line up on one side of the line or the other in this matter as well :shock: :lol:

03-02-2009 11:56 AM
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