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Just a reminder....Health Department
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Re: Just a reminder....Health Department
Gene Wrote:So......... all these bugs came from where? Never heard about that stuff 30-40 years ago. What has changed. The stuff they are fed? Plant sanitation? Both? More?

Same place they always did... all round us! The fact you did not hear about it so much was that back in the day, 99% of those cooking for friends and family gatherings, knew how to do things the right way because they always did it the right way, or they wouldn't be invited to cook the next time, with your name being on the line for local food at your church or neighborhood gathering, if you did hear about someone getting sick, the chances were that everyone at the event got sick.

Now that we don't have that knowledge and control over who is going to be cooking for us... we need the Food Police IMO!

What we don't need is the whole BS about the litigation side of the whole thing... unless you are actually sick enough to need medical treatment that is! :|

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11-18-2010 01:07 PM
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