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Any suggestions to smoke a goose?
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Re: Any suggestions to smoke a goose?
A farmed fowl is a totally different beast than wild fowl, farmed is SO full of grease that if you just leave it to drip you'll need to either put the fire out in the bottom of your oven, or you'll have a house full of smoke.

By putting the goose / duck on a cooling rack in a pan, you get to capture all those good flavor full fats, there are many things you can keep goose / duck grease for adding back to, though if you were cooking three or four a week, I wold probably start throwing it out as there will be way more grease than you can use.

The other reason to use this method is that in a farmed bird it is as accurate a method of telling if you bird is cooked as I know, way more accurate than using a thermometer and not knowing exactly what temperature you are aiming for in what part of the bird, (breast, thigh etc).

With wild birds they contain way less fat, having them on the rack in the pan allows you to baste them once they have stopped giving grease, and the baste doesn't disappear, it too drains from around the bird and ends up in the pan gaining a smoky flavor that you can suck back up with a baster and baste the birds with again.

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