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Money making Chicken cooking vendor
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Money making Chicken cooking vendor
We went to see the sandy fireworks last night. That was ok and all but they had lots of food vendors and things for young kids and families to do.
This one vendor from AZ. was kicking it out of the ball park.
They had the longest line and quite the chicken cooking machine.
They were using mesquite lump.. looked like they had used at least 5- 8 bags.. in fact I should have talked to them to buy any extra they had.. I might see if they are still they are there this am but I bet they packed up for home.

I am not sure how they didn't cook off the trailer tires that thing was so hot.
It was quite the factory.. 4-5 guys were cooking... they needed faster ladies up front as the line was too long.
They were using chicken leg quarters. no trimming done at all. Some had large skin flaps... One special table was the loading one. guy putting chicken on this long rod with a gear on one end. I think it was brined in coolers. I really dont know where they could pull so much chicken from?? THey must have had a supply truck?? AT 9pm they were cooking at full speed and full table and long line. The chicken legs were out.. I would say 20 leg quarters per rod.. the cooker held like 8 of these.
It appeared the cooking took about 25 mins each rod. There was an loading table. this guy would take the cooked chicken off the rod and chop it into pieces. They needed more man power there. However no temp probes were used or rubber gloves that I saw.
The cooker guys were tough dudes it was hot 8 feet away.
A chain was running along the one side and they would just set the rods with a gear on it on the chain. The RPM was fast like 30-60 RPM
The name was like Hawaiian something and the cats all looked Hawaiian.

What a money making machine!!! The cooker machine and resulting smoke plume and process was quite the spectacle and helped sell the chicken... THis vending setup did take up a very large footprint...

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07-05-2012 07:06 AM
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