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First brisket
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RE: First brisket
If you are going to foil, I would foil a little lower temperature, the stall is between 160 - 165°, that's the point at which the collagen is being converted into gelatin and water, so instead of starting to catch those juices at 170°, why not start while the juices are still flowing?

Your brisket might be tender enough from any point, mid 190°'s to past 210°, the only way to test for tenderness is to probe it, or to fork it and twist. You are looking for the feeling of a hot knife through butter going in, and no sticking as you pull the probe out.

When you put the point back in, you are looking to render out more of the fat from the point, and to re-rub and caramelize the sauce on the cubed up point, I like to allow a couple of extra hours, then cube and re-rub again.

You can mop, sop or spritz if you want to, but it's not compulsory, just make sure you have a good layer of rub, and you should get good bark. If you are mopping or spritzing you'll need to open the drum more, if you don't you won't need to open as much.

No you don't need a water pan or a diffuser plate, but again if you want to use one you can do!

Good luck!

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10-02-2013 11:45 PM
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