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Forum Rules to pay attention to!
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Forum Rules to pay attention to!

If you are moderated, please live with it and move on.
Challenging the moderator in public will not be tolerated, and can lead very quickly to being banned.
Whining, pissing and moaning to the administrator will get you no where, so don’t bother or waste your time.
When you are moderated for an infraction or infringement, you may or may not receive a PM as to why.
If it was a blatant infringement, it will be deleted with no notice.
If not, it is acceptable to send a civil note to the moderators requesting the reason.
We won’t send messages for general scrubbing or cleanup caused by unacceptable posts.
If you are asked to edit your posts, it is for the good of the forum, if you won't edit them when asked, we will!


Threads are usually closed due to being offensive.
If a closed thread bothers you, start a new one.
If it is a good thread then great.
If it is just to complain about a closed thread or to restart a thread that was out of bounds then expect it to be closed or deleted again.
Any user that keeps carrying on about a particular closed thread will run the risk of being banned.

Here is a list of things that will get you into the Associations bad books.

[list]Posting derogatory comments of a racial, religious, or sexual nature.
This includes as your username, signature line, and title.
The Administrator and Moderator reserve the right to edit these items and to remove your ability to modify them in the future.[/list:u]

[list]Excessive profanity. Occasional slight profane comments usually slide, but lets try to keep them to a minimum.
Overly excessive words may be deleted by the moderator, (if that means your post doesn't make sense, it's not our fault, it's yours).[/list:u]

[list]Posting pictures or links to images which contain pornography, nudity, animal cruelty, racism, illegal activities, or sexism.
Remember that some people visit this website through a work computer, which can filter and/or view downloaded files.
These types of images will not be tolerated if inserted at random in other discussions.
Nudity includes any photo which contains a clear view of genitalia or female nipples.
The rule is simple - No Lips/No Nips. [/list:u]

[list]Posting comments or links in support of illegal activities including, but not limited to, threats against the life of any living person, doing harm to a state or federal official, downloading illegal software/piracy, or advocating the overthrow of the government, will get you banned.[/list:u]

[list]Posting of someone else's personal contact information (home phone numbers, home addresses, unpublished e-mail addresses, and the like).
A person can post their own information if they wish, other people can't.[/list:u]

[list]Repeatedly attacking or insulting a person in an effort to elicit a negative response.
You have a right to disagree, but please do so in a respectful manner, if you wouldn't like what you write written about you, DON'T POST IT about someone else.[/list:u]

[list]Posting topics or discussions with the desire to do the site or community harm.
More specifically creating topics meant to disrupt the site's day to day management, disrupt member's resources, or disrupt the ability for the site to function normally.
Yes this will include topics on politics and religion also.[/list:u]

[list]Links to other message boards are fine, (cross posting other message board threads, or entire discussions about other message boards are not fine).
This is old fashioned “internet forum etiquette.” General examples are spamming for a new message board or the ever popular “board war".[/list:u]

[list]Please do not write thread titles or entire message in ALL CAPS. Usually if a subject is posted in all caps, it will be changed to all lower case.
Messages in all caps will result in a logged user infraction, ALL CAPS is considered shouting and repeated abuse will lead to a ban.[/list:u]

[list]General section is the place where non BBQ discussion is allowed. Other discussion will "not" include politics or religion.
You will not be allowed to post links to sites that will provoke discussions concerning politics or religion.
I am sure there are other things that might become off limits as well, but for now we are asking you to use common sense.
If something is out of line the moderators will delete it and you will be warned.[/list:u]

[list]The Utah BBQ Association Forum is a privately owned forum and membership is a privilege not a right.
Blatant disrespect and hostility towards any member of the Utah BBQ Association may result in an immediate and permanent banning.[/list:u]

[list]This is a family based forum, if you wouldn't say something in front of your grandmother or your kids, don't bring it onto the forum![/list:u]


The Moderator and Administrator, do their jobs to the best of their ability.
Please keep in mind we are human.
We try to moderate based on these rules, and not a threads content or a posters name or thread count.

Here's a concept to consider. What is easier?

A- Keeping everyone happy
B- Keeping the majority happy

Statistically, B is attainable. That’s how we try and moderate. Moderate a post, one person gets mad, don’t moderate it and a whole group can be affected.

We have to look at the big picture.
I personally have moderated many posts that I agreed with, liked, laughed at or enjoyed, but just it did not fall within our guidelines, or crossed the line.
We have to follow our own rules even if we agree with or like the post.

Thank you for your support of Utah BBQ Association Forum.
03-31-2010 08:38 PM
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