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Good Stuff!
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Good Stuff!
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keep it low-n-slow " T "


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06-18-2007 09:07 PM
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Re: Good Stuff!
Well, at least one "dip weed" who read the article didn't think it was "good stuff"... Since he obviously thinks those of us who cook/compete are just a bunch of backyard bubba's scratching to make a buck, I'd like to invite him/her to come out and give his hand at a cook with us some weekend... Friggin' tree-huggin' birkenstock wearin' granola head!!! (Crap - I eat granola sometimes, too... Does this mean....? :shock: )

(His/her comments below)

Barbeque Competition
I suppose it it was purely a contest between chefs who slave away to present their creations to a panel, something like the Iron Chef contests then perhaps, but in its current form the Frisco Barbeque is another summertime attempt at people going against the grain trying to make a buck. We've got the Rocky Mountains as our assest, yet we do very little to promote any of it, yet we go our of our way to make certain that anyone even considering getting outdoors is too plumped up to even consider it. Wait............neuron activity.........yep got it. Hey lets put out houses and porta potties every 1/4 mile along the trails so that the visitors can relieve themselves of the food that they just gorged.

In the end, the city counsel doesn't get it, Barbeque contests belong in Kansas or somewhere else where there's nothing to do, not here in the Heart of the Rockies.

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06-19-2007 08:31 AM
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Re: Good Stuff!
I'm surprised that hemp head didn't find a way to work in BBQ as a cause for global warming. That would have rounded it out nicely.

S/he needs a one-way ticket to Burning Man.

06-19-2007 09:52 AM
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Re: Good Stuff!
Man Hoochie, you beat me to the punch, thanks alot!! Big Grin He apparently can't see the Mayor, City Council and all the businesses that are grinning from ear to ear because of all the money they raked in through this event. Not to mention the free exposure the area got through the KCBS. I'm sure there is a charity somewhere in the area that is happy as well. My wife and I drove through Frisco last fall on our way to judge the Canon City competiton and it is beautiful. We were trying to figure out a way to make that event this year but couldn't. The guy really needs to pull down his Euell Gibbons posters, let go of the tree and get a life!!

Lyle Earl
KCBS Certified Judge
Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark ---- professionals built the Titanic.
06-19-2007 09:58 AM
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Re: Good Stuff!
I've posted a reply.. I don't know how long it will stay, but I've posted. Big Grin

Just in case my post is deleted, here is what I said:

Your intolerance toward others is amazing. Your closed minded bigotry of the people who pursue art and hobbies other than what you deem correct is part of the problem of the face of the Rocky Mountain transplants. You've obviously never checked into the dedication and hard work necessary to properly cook a brisket or pork shoulder. I spend a lot of time and hard work seeking BBQ perfection and I guarantee that my high altitude fitness will take me places yours would only dream of (in half the time) and I attribute that to eating right. Your short sighted comments are a caricature of your narrow mind. Expand your horizons, its ok.

Lets see how THAT sits in his Birkenstocks..
06-19-2007 10:08 AM
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Re: Good Stuff!
Here's my reply I sent them. It was posted for 30 minutes then pulled. I guess the paper must be located on the left side of the street also:

I have actually run into your type as I slaved away in the hot sun to make a "Rocky Mountain Delight" wonderful for you. One female mountain runner ridiculed me for being 20 pounds over weight as I handed her water in a marathon. Another time a gang of four runners chastised me for calling out their run times because it disturbed the nature. What is with you people? How much closer to "Nature" can you get then piece of raw meat brought to perfection with a piece of raw wood? Oh, I get it! Meat (aka: Our Friends the Cow/Pig/Chicken) Wood (aka: Trees made for hugging).
Don't worry about us meat smokers, we learn. After all, I did live in Aspen.... I moved.

Larry Jacobs – Salt Lake City, Utah
(not afraid to use my real name, rather than a car commercial)
06-19-2007 10:15 AM
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sampson Offline
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Re: Good Stuff!
Ridiculed for 20 lbs. overweight??? Shoot, my left legs is 20 lbs. over. My guess is though, that the town is filled with restaurants that just love tubby little guys like me. When I go there anyone giving me crap about my weight can expect to be sat upon... and I can break wind at will!

Rockin' on two 22.5 WSM's, a GOSM gasser and missing them old drums...
KCBS Member and CBJ
Biggest (pound for pound) BBQ Fan in Utah
Two Time!! Grand Champion @ My Backyard Picnic Annual Cookoff
06-26-2007 10:18 PM
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