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Flying with Brisket
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Flying with Brisket
I'm involved in a musician's website and have gotten to know many of the folks on the board quite well. One of the studio owners in LA hosts a barbeque/jam session at his home, the second-bi-annual "PhilPhest" was this past weekend.
What I did two years ago, and again this past weekend, is to smoke a large brisket and bring it along. I put the meat in my water smoker at 6 am Friday morning and took it out 6 pm, let it cool for about 45 minutes, then wrapped it in a triple layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil and placed it in a plastic grocery bag. I threw it into the freezer then, and packed it in my checked luggage the next morning. I put a strip of masking tape on it and wrote "Barbeque Brisket for O'Keefe" on it, as I can imagine what an 8-pound tinfoil-wrapped brisket looks like on a TSA X-ray machine! It was still safely in the suitcase on my arrival, and by the time we drove to the barbeque it had thawed out completely in the heat of the rental car's trunk.
At the barbeque I slid it into the host's oven at 300 degrees for about an hour, and it was perfect when I sliced it up. With 30 people at the party, it didn't last long.
So, it is still possible to fly things on a plane in this day and age, thank goodness. The TSA was a bit concerned when they saw my electric fiddle on the x-ray machine, but that's another story! :lol:
09-25-2006 11:06 AM
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