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Competition Etiquette
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RE: Competition Etiquette
(03-12-2013 07:18 PM)Fatted Calf Rotisserie Wrote:  SoEzzy; Thank you for the book of information. This is a start for me. I have many questions. How do I join? Where do I pay my membership?
Is there a starter manual on how to begin? How do i put my profile info up? When can I start?

Hi Alan

Welcome to the forums!

To join the organization as a paid member, sign into the forums, on the line where it says Welcome back to the forums Fatted Calf Rotisserie is a link to User CP, click the link and that takes you to your User Control Panel, the second item top left is the MySubscriptions, click that link and make the payment via PayPal and you will be a Full Paid Member.

This area, (the User Control Panel), allows you to add an Avatar, or signature, Bio information, etc.

As for getting started, do you mean in competition, or in general smoking?

For general smoking, grab some meat, park butts are a very forgiving cut, and chicken leg quarters are relatively cheap, read a few threads about that cut and practice cooking some. If you have questions about your pit or type of pit, the meat or any specific technique, Post a Thread asking a question.

For competition cooking your have two choices:
1) Practice chicken and pork ribs until you are happy enough to go public with them, enter a Backyard competition, come out and set up at a Saturday competition early, and cook against some other Backyard cooks. If you cook Backyard, (under new Utah BBQ Organization Rules), you can cook as many Backyard contests as you like until you win 2 Backyard Grand Championships, on winning your second Backyard Grand Championships, you will be welcomed to move up to the Pro Division.

This will continue to open the door to other Backyard teams, and hopefully encourage some teams to progress in their cooking.

2) Practice all four meats, chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder, beef brisket, and come out and cook competitions on the Pro - division contests. Utah BBQ Organization is operating a 3 meat contest system, we cook either Chicken, Pork Ribs and Brisket or Chicken Pork Shoulder and Brisket, there will be a couple of contests, this weeks Mark Miller being an example, where we will cook all four meats, (the next contest in the State is the Sam's Club Tour, and so this is the last time before that, that everyone is able to test their four meat skills)! The Utah BBQ Organization rules state that once you have cooked Pro division, a team is not allowed to return to the Backyard division competitions for a year after cooking Pro division.

This is why the Backyard division is there, to practice and practice until you feel you have a grasp, at which point one moves forward to the pro division and you can continue to practice, learn and move forward.

Come into the General section or into the Competition sections and ask away!

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03-13-2013 08:25 AM
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