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The Wilber D. Hog & Sidney R. Hog BBQ Pits
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The Wilber D. Hog & Sidney R. Hog BBQ Pits
Been a little too quiet on these boards in the past day or so.... So maybe this will get your heart to racin' a little!!....

I don't quite know how I stumbled across this website - but man oh man!!! I know this would be a lot of work/effort/expense just to do a little Smoke & Que... And it might be just a little "difficult" to get these pits to the competitions here and there... Big Grin

But to have your very own, real live, wood burning brick BBQ pit like they use to have back in the "good ol' days" right in your own back yard???

I don't know when/if I might ever get around to a project like this... But my wife may wish I never saw this website!! Wonder if there are any city/county codes against this kind of beauty? Hmmm... Maybe I don't really need/want to go take that CPR class this weekend afterall... 8)

Make certain to check out both the Wilber D. Hog and Sidney R. Hog Pits (the Sidney is in a beautiful location!!!)

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05-18-2006 10:31 AM
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