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Barbecued Brisket Enchiladas
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Barbecued Brisket Enchiladas
Sorry, I first posted this in the wrong area.

Barbecued Brisket Enchiladas

Come on, admit it, you know the feeling. "I just spent eight or ten hours cooking this brisket only to find that it's overcooked."

Now what do you do. It can't be sliced – it just falls apart.

Well, here's something you can do:
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Heat some of your favorite barbecue sauce in a small sauté pan. A thin sauce will work best. My current favorite is an orange/chipotle sauce that is a little thin and is made with a little extra vinegar or red wine.
When the sauce has warmed, us some of it to cover the bottom of a baking dish. Use a dish that is the right size… You know who you are feeding, I don't!
Next, shred up a batch of that brisket in a mixing bowl and toss it with a little of the heated sauce.
Dip each tortilla, corn or flour whatever your favorite of the moment is, one at a time in the sauce. Shake off the excess and lay it out on a plate. If they are too wet they will fall apart!
Place two or three tablespoons of the meat in the center of the tortilla and roll up and place in the baking dish with the seam side down.
When the dish is full, stop rolling up enchiladas and pour a little more sauce over the top.
Next sprinkle on a little grated cheese. One more time, whatever your favorite of the moment happens to be: Monterey Jack, Cheddar, a Mexican blend; hey, you're the one who's going to eat it. Use what you like.
Once the cheese layer is on; put the pan in the oven and leave it alone until the cheese is nice and melted and there are a few bubbles around the sides.
Don't leave it in too long unless you like crunchy enchiladas.

Now wasn't that easy? It's so simple maybe you can get the spouse to do it and you can lay back and drink a couple of beers before supper. If you're lucky it might even be served with some nice Mexican rice or beans or something real good.

Enjoy it,
12-07-2005 06:04 PM
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