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The truth about charcoal?
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The truth about charcoal?
I was reading in Cooks Illustrated Magazine about chunk vs. briqettes, and they had the results of some tests that they performed comparing the two.

Now, I had been a fan of chunk, because I felt that you get better and longer heat, but this article (if I am remembering correctly) showed that the heat was no better (hotter that is) with chunk, and actually lasted longer with briquettes! Assumably, a good quality briquette is required, because I have cooked with some real crappy ones.

If anyone is interested, I will research my past issues and post some details.

Lemme know!
12-02-2005 08:25 AM
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teamfat Offline
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One benefit of lump is that you get a cleaner burn, with less ash. Briquets tend to include a lot of stuff like clay, coal residue and other such binders that basically are just dirt ;-) All that stuff collects quickly under your fire and can block of air flow to the parts of the charcoal that actually burn. When I do long smokes in my Silver Smoker using mostly briquets I have do make sure to shovel the ash much more frequently than when using lump.

Oddly enough, the National BBQ News forums [ <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ] has a current thread on making your own charcoal. Not quite ready to try that out yet, though.


Hmm... - wonder why my avatar no longer displays?
12-03-2005 01:51 AM
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Another thing I like about lump is; you know what kind of wood you are burning. There is no blending of various woods that produce smoke with different flavors.
I like to control (or at least think I do!) the flavor I am giving the meat by using certain woods. An exception to this is the extruded coconut charcoal distributed by Kamado. It has no flavor at all and the only flavor you will get from the smoke is from the wood you add. One down side to the extruded stuff is that it tends to burn pretty hot. I sometimes have a little trouble controlling the temp if I am going for a burn of below 220.-
12-07-2005 05:58 PM
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