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Rock N' Ribs Results
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LoneStar Smoke Rangers Offline
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Rock N' Ribs Results
I just wanted to say big Texas Thank You to T from Utah Smoke for helping to make this contest one of the best top notch contests in the West. The food at the Friday evening potluck was outstanding. Cynthia was a joy to work with as well, and was so helpful in every way. Thanks to Vince and Alexa of Rhythm N' Que and their Jacked Up Arnies which were incredible.

Congratulations To R & R BBQ and Buffalo BBQ for their Grand Championship and Reserve Grand Championship respectively. I was glad to see a local team win it and I hope that they can represent this area at the next level with the same success. It was great to cook with both these teams. Also wanted to give some props to Nations BBQ on a strong showing on their first Pro contest. Here are the final results.

Rock'n Ribs Results
Grand Champion: R & R BBQ
Reserve Champion: Buffalo's BBQ

1. R & R BBQ - 665.1428
2. Buffalo's BBQ - 659.4288

3. LoneStar Smoke Rangers - 641.7146
4. Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe - 639.4286
5. Rhythm 'n QUE - 638.8566
6. OOPS - 637.7140
7. Pitmaster BarBQue - 629.1430
8. Phil & Lou BBQ - 628.0000
9. Nations BBQ - 626.8570
10. Bam Bam's BBQ - 625.7144
11. Utah Smoke - 625.7140
12. Big Johnson BBQ - 624.5720
13. HQO - 623.4288
14. Rolling Bones Traveling - 622.8572
15. Half Baked Hippies - 619.4286
16. Hoochie-Que - 618.8572
17. Frankenswine & Ezzygore - 612.5714
18. Pikeman BBQ - 610.2858
19. Back Country BBQ - 608.5714
20. Tumbleweed BBQ - 605.1428
21. Get you some BBQ Origina - 604.5714
22. Richard's Round Up - 601.1420
23. Danger Men Cooking - 600.5714
24. Smokin' Flyers - 597.7140
25. Smokin' Hot Sistahs - 596.5714
26. 10 Second Rule - 574.2858

1. Buffalo's BBQ - 170.8572
2. Utah Smoke - 166.8572
3. R & R BBQ - 166.8570
4. Get you some BBQ Origina - 165.7144
5. Pikeman BBQ - 165.1430
6. Rhythm 'n QUE - 163.4282
7. OOPS - 162.8570
8. Nations BBQ - 162.8570
9. Smokin' Flyers - 162.2858
10. Danger Men Cooking - 161.1430
11. 10 Second Rule - 160.5714
12. Back Country BBQ - 160.5714
13. Hoochie-Que - 160.0002
14. Half Baked Hippies - 160.0002
15. Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe - 159.4286
16. Rolling Bones Traveling - 158.8568
17. LoneStar Smoke Rangers - 158.2858
18. Frankenswine & Ezzygore - 157.7142
19. Big Johnson BBQ - 156.5716
20. HQO - 156.5716
21. Pitmaster BarBQue - 155.4286
22. Phil & Lou BBQ - 154.8574
23. Bam Bam's BBQ - 148.5712
24. Richard's Round Up - 143.4282
25. Tumbleweed BBQ - 141.7144
26. Smokin' Hot Sistahs - 137.7142

1. Phil & Lou BBQ - 169.1428
2. Bam Bam's BBQ - 166.8574
3. LoneStar Smoke Rangers - 164.5716
4. Frankenswine & Ezzygore - 164.0000
5. Smokin' Hot Sistahs - 163.4286
6. Pitmaster BarBQue - 162.8574
7. R & R BBQ - 162.8572
8. Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe - 162.8572
9. Pikeman BBQ - 159.4288
10. HQO - 159.4286
11. Tumbleweed BBQ - 159.4286
12. Nations BBQ - 157.1428
13. Big Johnson BBQ - 156.5716
14. Hoochie-Que - 156.5714
15. Buffalo's BBQ - 156.0002
16. Smokin' Flyers - 155.4286
17. OOPS - 155.4284
18. Utah Smoke - 154.8570
19. Rhythm 'n QUE - 151.4286
20. Half Baked Hippies - 149.7144
21. Get you some BBQ Origina - 148.5714
22. Back Country BBQ - 146.8572
23. Richard's Round Up - 145.1426
24. Rolling Bones Traveling - 142.8574
25. Danger Men Cooking - 141.1430
26. 10 Second Rule - 134.2860

1. Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe - 168.5714
2. R & R BBQ - 167.4286
3. Phil & Lou BBQ - 164.0000
4. LoneStar Smoke Rangers - 161.7142
5. Buffalo's BBQ - 161.1428
6. Big Johnson BBQ - 159.4286
7. Richard's Round Up - 159.4284
8. Bam Bam's BBQ - 158.8572
9. HQO - 157.7142
10. Nations BBQ - 157.7142
11. Rolling Bones Traveling - 157.1430
12. Pikeman BBQ - 156.5712
13. Tumbleweed BBQ - 156.0000
14. Rhythm 'n QUE - 154.8570
15. Pitmaster BarBQue - 152.5714
16. OOPS - 150.8574
17. Utah Smoke - 150.8570
18. Back Country BBQ - 150.2856
19. Half Baked Hippies - 150.2854
20. Danger Men Cooking - 149.7140
21. Frankenswine & Ezzygore - 148.0002
22. Smokin' Hot Sistahs - 147.4286
23. Get you some BBQ Origina - 142.8572
24. 10 Second Rule - 142.8570
25. Hoochie-Que - 136.5710
26. Smokin' Flyers - 135.9998

1. Buffalo's BBQ - 171.4286
2. Rhythm 'n QUE - 169.1428
3. OOPS - 168.5712
4. R & R BBQ - 168.0000
5. Hoochie-Que - 165.7146
6. Rolling Bones Traveling - 164.0000
7. Half Baked Hippies - 159.4286
8. Pitmaster BarBQue - 158.2856
9. LoneStar Smoke Rangers - 157.1430
10. Richard's Round Up - 153.1428
11. Utah Smoke - 153.1428
12. Big Johnson BBQ - 152.0002
13. Bam Bam's BBQ - 151.4286
14. Back Country BBQ - 150.8572
15. HQO - 149.7144
16. Nations BBQ - 149.1430
17. Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe - 148.5714
18. Danger Men Cooking - 148.5714
19. Smokin' Hot Sistahs - 148.0000
20. Tumbleweed BBQ - 147.9998
21. Get you some BBQ Origina - 147.4284
22. Smokin' Flyers - 143.9998
23. Frankenswine & Ezzygore - 142.8570
24. Phil & Lou BBQ - 139.9998
25. 10 Second Rule - 136.5714
26. Pikeman BBQ - 129.1428

[Image: Texas-Ranger-Badge1.jpg]
08-21-2011 12:23 AM
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stewartr002 Offline

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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
Concur! This was a well run contest and I tasted some great BBQ. Way to represent Utah teams. Thanks for posting the results Lonestar.

Randy Stewart
"Utah BBQ Org., Florida BBQ Asoc., & KCBS Certified Judge"
Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie Pellet Smoker
Smoke On!
08-21-2011 04:29 AM
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SoEzzy Offline

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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
Thanks for posting the results!

Thanks to the Gallivan Center, for yet again putting this together for the local and national BBQ community, Cynthia and the crew took care of us as they always have.

Thanks to T & Becci for all their work on this and every other project the Utah BBQ Organization helps put together, all the other managing members for their support, and for Racheall Martin for doing the background work organizing judges and table captains, and her work to make the KCBS Rep's job as straight forward as possible.

Thanks to Larry King and Ed Roith for being the KCBS reps for the contest.

Thanks to those CBJ judges and table captains, for giving up their time and stomachs on a Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to the teams local or national who came out and competed, as we can't put on good competitions without good teams.

Thanks to all those that enjoyed the pot luck and camaraderie on Friday night, especially those that contributed their time and efforts to supply the food and drinks.

Thanks to Oops and Denver Cajun for making it part of the Colorado Cup, I think we may be trying to add a couple more events to the RMBQA cup list for next year, repeating this one and adding more as we go along, this year is was a last minute add on, but take fair warning Colorado Cup Cookers, Utah BBQ Organization will be with you next year, supporting BBQ in the West as we can, so if you keep an eye on the RMBQA site and this one you'll be able to keep up on what those contests are!

Thanks to anyone that bothered to read this far down this thank you post.

Lastly thanks to my family and to Doug for continuing to put up with my addiction to competitive BBQ... long may it continue! Wink

Respice, adspice, prospice. Latin proverb.
Respice = you didn't use enough spice the first time! adspice = you ought to add spice, you know? prospice = you should be an advocate for spice!
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KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge.
UBBQO Certified Barbecue Judge.
08-21-2011 07:28 AM
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bud-wie-ser Offline

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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
This was a great event at an awesome venue!

Congratulations to all who competed.

From a judges perspective, everything that came to our table was so consistent in appearance, taste, and tenderness that it was difficult to judge.

Sugaz and Spice BBQ
Custom Drum Smoker
KCBS Certified BBQ Judge
08-21-2011 10:35 AM
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elkski Offline
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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
I finally took off the Deer and Elk opener and got a last minute seat as a judge. I started smoking fish and chicken at 14 and spent 10 years in Texas so as many judges we do have some Que experience.
This was the best comp Q I have ever had in about 7 contests. IT is not always so fun to be a judge. I did cook once and thus I take judging very seriously. This venue was by far the best I have attended. The Trailer row was impressive! and Room for more! With the South wind blowing all the comp smoke past all the public the vendors looked like they made a killing! It was fun to chat to alot of the teams after.
Our table had some impressive judges with an average of 7 events up to 15 under their belts. at least 3 with comp experience. The chicken was our top category but one clear winner. All the skins bit like they were not even there. Only two outstanding ribs IMHO. One rib had a sweet and great taste that kinda ramped up at the end and left a nice linger for most of us. But two folks Choked on the hot spicy note. Kinda a risk in Wimpy Utah. One chicken lost points from me for excess salt taste. Remember some of us respond to he medical advice and dont add much if any salt to our foods so excess salt is a risk more than lack of IMHO. The pork looked great! only 2 out of our 5 entries had only pulled pork. I dont deduct for that but the taste of one was bland even for Utah. ANd the shine some of the 3 cut entries seem to have these days a pulled pork pile better look real moist! I gave all 8 and 9s for appearance on all 15 entries in the first 3 meats But 3 of briskets which I gave a 7. They looked almost like dried shoe leather strips. I took the taste and Tenderness judging not considering the appearance. Comparing scores with two folks at the table. I was spot on in opinion most with the Gent from Castle Rock who has judged 15 comps. I was surprised at the low scores in appearance and taste one local Utah comp cooker doled out. I mean no entries that went across our table earned a 6 appearance. ??? many times he was two points lower than me from what I could peek at.
I wish KCBS would do something to limit the garnish! Save money and time!
I still think it would be a great idea if we could come up with a contest where all the judges could taste all the entries so we could learn how to judge more consistently and also to let the cooks in this region advance at a faster pace.
I think the KCBS system does good in ranking overall top dogs but individual meat entries can suffer by one judge at a table of 6.

What a great comp!!! met some fun competitors to have a beer with after the event.
One more thing.. We had one pork entry that 2 judges claimed was re moistened with Newmans Italian dressing. At first I thought hmmm what is this? but in the end for me I judged it for what it was and likened it to some vinegar based Lina QUe and it held its own. Will anyone fess up to trying to save some dried out Pork with Italian dressing? .

Team "Smoke-n-mirrors" its all in the beers.
Life is like the smell of smoking pork. stay in the downdraft and follow the sweet smell., enjoy each bite.
KCBS #9231
08-21-2011 10:42 AM
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LH1440 Offline

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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
I came down to the contest. While walking around and visiting with many of the visitors. Many of them were talking about how they liked this event, and how the contestants were so very nice and open to talk about BBQ. They hoped that this event would be back again next year and hope it grows next year.

I was a great event and trunout was good.

Keep up the great work. Hopefully I can get my smoker in shape for next year.

When Pigs Fly BBQ Team
Kise SmokerSmile
And on the 8th day the Lord created BBQ!and he called it the BEST!
(This post was last modified: 08-21-2011 02:37 PM by LH1440.)
08-21-2011 02:35 PM
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Smokin Flyers Offline

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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
Had a great time in my first pro competition. Would like you send a special thanks to T, Chris, Doug & Rob for great advice.SmileSmile
08-21-2011 05:54 PM
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Curtis Nations Offline
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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
A big thank you to all those who put this great event together. Our first experience at a pro comp was really great. The Gallivan Center was a great place to be. We especially loved the free ice! Smile There were some really awesome teams there and we were grateful and proud to be there with them. And a big thanks to all the Utah teams that have given us to much help and advise this past year.
08-21-2011 08:47 PM
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T Offline
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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
Yo, once again being reminded why I shouldn't compete and organize, I have recovered enough to express the following. I would like to thank my wife who spends hours and hours keeping the restaurant running while I spend time away doing BBQ things, and I couldn't do any of this without her support. Soezzy has already expressed my thanks in areas, but I have a few more to add. A special thanks to the lovely Cynthia, and the crew of the Gallivan Center, Standard Wood Supply, Cris Kerby, whom I asked to help me with the placement of the teams, and did a great job. Our bread supplier Beni Distributing who provided the cooks with the doughnuts Saturday morning, and Becci for the orange juice. Doug, and Deano for the wonderful breakfast with eggs to order. Steve of the Denver Cajun Krewe for the Cheesy Grits. The Friday night pot luck was the bomb. Thanks to all that made it happen, and Vince and Alexa yep,yep with the Jacked Upped Arnies! Thanks to all of our out of state teams that came to visit our wonderful city of Salt Lake. Thanks to the city for their continued support of the Gallivan Center and BBQ in Utah. Thanks to Tony of LoneStar Smoke Rangers, who brought to the teams some of the best salsa that I have ever tasted. Thanks to all of the teams for their cooperation in the placement of the teams, it was really appreciated guys. Congratulations to all of the new teams that got calls. The media for helping promote the event. I got a text from Donnie Teel wanting me to tell all how much he enjoyed his visit with us, and thanks for the hospitality, this is what bbq is about. Sunday morning Vince and Alexa expressed the same thoughts along with Bob and Louise Sammon of OOPS. Ok, I can hear the music in the background playing, so my time is up, I hope that I didn't forget anyone. And last but not least, a sincere thanks to all for a great weekend.

keep it low-n-slow " T "

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Sponsored by Camp Chef & Majestic Meats
Sponsored by Cross Canyon Arms
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KCBS Certified Judge
08-22-2011 11:55 AM
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Steve in Denver Offline
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RE: Rock N' Ribs Results
Rock N Ribs 2011
I want to take a minute to thank the members of the Utah BBQ Association for the opportunity to participate in your event. The site of the event is probably the most unique I have ever cooked at. The discounts on the rooms at the Marriott were a great perk. The entry fee/payout scale was outstanding. The Friday night potluck was awesome. And the announcement that the "out of state guests were first in line" was pretty cool too. That was some good grub! If anyone went hungry it was their own fault. Smile
I also want to thank all the teams and judges that filled out the surveys. The organizer will be sent the results of the survey so they can see the areas that they excelled in and also some ares that can use some improvement for next year (every competition has those).

Overall the event went very smooth and was well run. Only complaints I saw or heard were pretty minor considering the complexity of the event. I will certainly keep it on the schedule for next year. Thanks to all that helped make it a great success! Good job Utah!
Steve Marrs
Denver Cajun BBQ Krewe
08-22-2011 05:37 PM
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