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Cooking on the Auspit!
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Cooking on the Auspit!
I had the pleasure of joining Jonny Rotisserie at the 1st Annual Coalville Pig-out BBQ Competition to cook with him as an Auspiteer on his BBQ team.

We only put it together on Thursday and it was a fun cooking and learning experience.

Here's their website, I think we used a couple or three Basic Auspit kits, and an Auspit Gold Kit, a Fire Trough, a Rib-o-lator, a rotisserie ring for a Weber Kettle/UDS and a Fire Box.

The Auspit I had seen once or twice before, when T cooked on one 3 or 4 years ago at the back of his restaurant, and a couple of the earlier Rib-o-lator videos.

The system is being upgraded on a continual basis, and all together is well thought out and useful for those wanting to cook over charcoal and wood with or without an open flame.

I've done a whole lot of camp fire cooking more than 35 years ago as a Boy Scout, and as a teenager, and some of that came in useful, but the last few years of BBQ and low and slow came into play as well.

Fortunately we had Jonny's experience of cooking hundreds of times on the Auspit, to help us through the cook too.

Although we came in 21 out of 24 at the Coalville Pigout, that was actually a success, Friday night at 10:00 I was sure that DAL was where we were likely to end up!

Chicken and ribs are easier than the larger cuts of meat, because with their smaller area you can get them closer to the fire / heat.

We cooked some of the ribs on a plain spit, held apart with Squeezeloc Spikes in the position that Jonny called the Spanish Inquisition, (and if you're a fan of Monty Python you will know that, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition", all we needed was a comfy chair or two... though I did what I could with my trusty chair)! The chicken and the other ribs went on a Rib-o-lator, the packer Brisket went on a Plain spit, with squeezeloc spikes, and the Pork shoulders cooked on a spit with squeezeloc spikes in the Rotisserie Ring on a Kettle knock off.

The Fire Box is on their website (apparently it's the insert to a fire pit, great use of the product if you ask me), though I had missed it, it is a fold down collapsible, adjustable height fire base with plenty of airflow, and 9 positions that surround the base, it looks like you could cook on 3 positions from one side if using just spits, and probably 2 Rib-o-lators on the outer positions, but for those that don't want to go wandering around at a boondocking campsite, finding all those rocks to build a fire pit, the Fire Box is a great short cut to a working Fire Pit.

Now I know there will be some smart fellow likely to hit us with a "No Pics Never Happened"! So I hope that those who were there and took pictures, will post them here... just to prove it did happen!

We need to club together and get them to look at a 26" Ring for the bigger Kettles and UDS's, as I can see one of those in my future at some point.

Thanks to Whiskey Ranch for putting on the Coalville Pig-out competition, to the Mayor, Councilors, and People of Coalville for all their hard work, and for coming out and having a great day, and for the owners and management of the CamperWorld Echo Island Ranch, for such a fine setting to hold the competition, and for all the support that made the whole gig possible!

For those that missed out this year, this is one to put on the calendar next year, as soon as the date is announced...hint hint!

Thanks also to T for hooking me up with the cook this year with Jonny Rottiserie, and for the fine hospitality that Jonny offered and being the one and only Auspiteer for this compitition... it was great cooking with you all and having fun!

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