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The managing members would like to take this opportunity to thank those members of the forum who have supported BBQ in Utah and the surrounding States over the last few years, and a special thanks to those that also support the Association through their dues.

There are events, (competitions), in the planning stages for different parts of the season, there will also be several get together's, where anyone can attend, bring a pit and cook, or just come and ask about BBQ Tips, Tricks and Techniques, there will be classes too, from basic to more complicated techniques for general grilling and smoking!

The Association is run by competitive cooks, but we don't forget what it was that got us interested in the first place, the fun and friendship that we found in the smoke from someone else's pit, then our own, then onto the competitive circuit at what ever level we are currently at! :wink:

So whether your interest is in your backyard or on the competition circuit, we are sure there will be something for you in the Utah BBQ Association this year and in future years.

Thank you one and all for your support!

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04-07-2010 01:09 PM
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Re: Thanks!
I also want to extend my thanks to all who have supported our association. I will echo Chris (SoEzzy) in saying that there are several competitions and events in the planning stages. It has been difficult with the economy to acquire sponsorship support for competitions but we are still trying our best to have several competitions this year.

As Chris also mentioned, the main reason I got involved with the organization and BBQ was because of the friendships that I have developed over the 2 years that we have been competing. It is fun to sit around before a comp and chat, have the potluck and experience the great food that we all can cook, don't talk to each other during the cook, and then yell our heads off for everyone who gets a call. It is great commradary (sp).

To the new cooks, stay tuned for upcoming cooks (behind T's restuarant Q4U) and classes to help you get proficient and better at smoking. Feel free to drop by T's any Saturday because there is usually at least 2 people cooking. We are all willing to share what we know (in my case not much) with you.

Thanks again and I am looking forward to another exciting season of BBQ.



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2013 Utah's Representative to the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational BBQ Competition
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04-07-2010 01:49 PM
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Re: Thanks!
AMEN to both posts! I appreciate all that anyone does/has done for this great group. In the future (whenever I can find/make the time) I plan on being more active in helping out instead of being a bystander all the time. Keep up the good work guys and gals! C'ya round the pit...

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05-11-2010 01:46 PM
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Re: Thanks!
Yo, as posted in another area on the forum, call the restaurant if interested in learning how we do "Pig from the rig". If you can't make it for the lesson how about showing up at 5:00pm for the carving of the pig? Lots of piggy fans are expected so don't be late. "When the meats gone so is the special"! Consistency is the name of the game. I will show you to the best of my ability how to duplicate that.
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05-11-2010 04:03 PM
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