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MARRIOTT-SLATERVILLE – Amazon will occupy the new warehouse that is taking shape at Marriott-Slaterville, using it as a last mile delivery center for Weber County residents receiving merchandise through the online retailer.

Work is underway at the site at the northeast corner of 400 North and Interstate 15, and officials have announced that a warehouse will be arriving. But the developer, Gardner Batt of Salt Lake City, has not publicly named the company that will occupy it due to a nondisclosure agreement.

Amazon officials, however, confirmed on Thursday that the online retail giant will occupy the building, measuring around 180,000 square feet, using it as the last stop for merchandise destined for customers in the Weber County area. . “The new facility will generate hundreds of full and part-time jobs and is expected to open early next year,” said Anne Laughlin Carpita, spokesperson for Amazon.

In addition to the employees who sort and process packages inside the Marriott-Slaterville delivery center, the company will be hiring “hundreds” more to handle actual deliveries to consumers. Deliveries to customers are typically handled by drivers and delivery companies contracted with Amazon delivery service partners.

Bill Morris, the lawyer for the city of Marriott-Slaterville, welcomed the news that the installation and the jobs will arrive. He hopes that new workers, when they are recruited, will be treated with respect, that the jobs will provide good opportunities for those who hire them. City officials, however, are also aware of the potential impact the facility will have on traffic in the area on 400 North and on the already sometimes congested I-15 ramps. “We’re going to watch the traffic,” Morris said.

Traffic congestion became a concern for residents during two public meetings over the warehouse plans last October, when the development proposal went public although Amazon has yet to be publicly identified as the occupant. A traffic consultant for Gardner Batt said last October that around 1,000 delivery vans would enter and exit the site each day, with around 500 employees. 50 other semi-trailers are also expected each day.

Representatives for Gardner Batt say the traffic studies they’ve conducted indicate that the flow of vehicles to and from the new warehouse is not expected to create new problems. Morris understands that delivery van traffic will be staggered and will be dispatched during non-peak traffic hours to minimize traffic problems. The building will operate around the clock, according to the minutes of a Marriott-Slaterville Planning Commission meeting on October 20, 2020 on the plans.

Gardner Batt will own the new warehouse when completed and lease it to Amazon. Indeed, Marriott-Slaterville officials dealt only with Gardner Batt representatives as the planning process unfolded and did not have any relationship with Amazon representatives, although they would welcome such contacts, Morris said.

News of Amazon’s impending move to Marriott-Slaterville comes as the Seattle, Wash.-Based retail giant expands its presence in Utah and beyond. According to company representatives, Amazon operates distribution centers in western Jordan and Salt Lake City, where goods for customers are packaged. It operates a parcel sorting center in Salt Lake City and three delivery stations in the state, transshipment points for parcels destined for customers. Three new delivery stations in Utah are under construction, including the Marriott-Slaterville facility.

“In addition to the more than 8,000 direct jobs Amazon has created in the state, Amazon has helped create thousands of indirect jobs and has invested more than $ 1 billion in Utah since 2010, including included in infrastructure and compensation, ”said Laughlin Carpita. The company has 950,000 employees based in the United States.

Amazon has come under increased scrutiny as it has grown, has hired more and more workers, and has become a retail powerhouse. More recently, it has received intense media attention due to a union vote among workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama. Workers ultimately voted against unionization by a margin of two to one.

Amazon’s outgoing CEO Jeff Bezos spoke of Alabama’s control and unionization effort in a letter to shareholders released Thursday.

“Although the results of the vote were uneven and our direct relationship with employees is strong, it is clear to me that we need a better view of how we create value for employees,” said wrote Bezos in the letter, according to Reuters. “I think we need to do a better job for our employees.”

“Amazon’s growth continues to fuel the creation of quality jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for thousands of Utahns,” Hemmert said. “The company’s focus on supporting employees, customers and positive impact communities contributes to the Utah economy and the quality of life for the Utahns.”

The Marriott-Slaterville warehouse, which takes shape on an undeveloped 54-acre parcel, will be away from homes, adjoining I-15 to the west and Toad’s entertainment area around its southeastern outskirts. Kip Van Dyke, the golf pro at Toad’s Fun Zone Golf Course, expressed hope that the presence of the new facility would bring customers to the business.

The new facility will be about one-fifth the size of the 1 million square foot Associated Food Stores warehouse complex in Farr West, Morris said. The town of Marriott-Slaterville did not provide any tax incentives to help build the warehouse. But the city has reduced the impact fee that Gardner Batt will have to pay from about $ 1.2 million to $ 700,000 as the developer builds an access road there.


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